Monday, December 31, 2007


I experience very hard ending for 2007, many crucial and fateful decisions, I have to make, which will design and define my near and far future, in the presence of very stressful and squeezing work atmosphere.
but it is really true, that in these hard times, you know exactly, who you really are, and what is the extreme of your
capabilities, and in these times you could easily point out, peoples who really care about you ...
Luckily in spite of all this, I could find some time off, to say for all of you :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eid adha mubarak ...

How many rams do we have for al3eed???
Count them in the picture and tell me...
I used to survive al3eed hardly with two rams, I don't know if I could survive it this year with ........rams.
Yes, my family grew bigger, and we have many new members, for this reason rams number is increasing.
Update of Eid's day...!!!
every where...
every where...
I'm drowning heeeeeeelp...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A screaming out !!!!

Today my peaceful mind got smashed out at work, our job is already hard and overwhelming, and the last thing we would ever need is this extra load of stress.

Here is the story, today's morning one police man came to my place of work, and asked a colleague of mine to go with him, he said there is a complaint against her, and she has to go with him, the beginning was few days back, when one sick baby boy died, during a major medical critical procedure, which was done in an attempt to save his life, to make the picture clearer, I have to mention that, death is a well known complication, for this life saving emergency procedure, the problem here is that, his parent couldn't accept this fact, and they want to accuse some body for their baby's lose.

I am not going to blame the parents here, and I am not going to discuss if they have the right to sue that doctor or not, and I am not going to defend my colleague, and try to convince you that she do her best to keep that baby alive.

I am here just to shout, to yell, to scream out: WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY !!!

If every patient die, his family would make a complaint against the doctor who was on charge of him, in the nearest police department, and the police man came to arrests that doctor, we will definitely end up with empty hospitals.

There is a part of the Libyan law deal with these kind of cases, and any doctor accused, there is a respectful way to call him, and to investigate the suit with a scientific means, in the presence of consultants , who analyze the situation and with the judge, they can decide, if the suspected doctor was charged or not, I don't know why it is not applied in every case.

Our job is very critical, we deal with death on daily bases, and to be blamed for every single loss, and to be called as any criminal, (the difference is just they don't put a handcuffs in our hands), that will be an extra unbearable load at work atmosphere, and more than devastation to the doctor's spirit.

There should be a law, which can protect a doctor from being called to court in this unrespectful way, because he was doing his job, aiming to heal people, and save their lives and not attempting to kill them, then if they found he was accused, because of mistakes, ignorance, neglect or anything, justice will take place in the right way, and not the other way around; he is innocent till proved otherwise because that is the essence of his job.

By the way that wasn't the first time, for this to happen in my work field; and thanks for Allah it doesn't happen to me till now; but it seems that my threshold to tolerate these situations has reached its limit.

Monday, December 3, 2007


I don't know if you have seen this video or not, but when I watched it today I couldn't help not to share it with you.

It's just a wo0O0ow...

How human can be such creative

Saturday, December 1, 2007

a welcome

Salaam dear friends and visitors I will be grateful if you welcome with me one of my cherished friends to the blog sphere, she is a regular visitor of all your blogs, but she needed a lot of courage to step forward to the blogsphere and create her own, she is shy and easily embarrassed ... lolz... so help me to support and shore up her ...
welcome deary our hands are outstretched to receive your pearls...

click here to welcome her

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do you have a sleeplessness ???

An advice for all those who have a problem with sleep: STUDY MEDICINE.

It is amazing how these books can bring sleep , it was always a challenge for me to continue my study and keep my eyes and brain open and not to fall asleep , medical books have a magic power which could turn my brain off , so if you have any sleeping troubles I recommend these books.

Really I am known as a good reader , but when it comes to reading medical books I am a big lazy slacker person, you can easily imagine how relieving was my graduation , I am not going to say that I didn't study medicine since then , because that will be a big lie , but it wasn't a hard tough study , just some revision for specific topics, that is all...

And now it seems that those ugly days are coming back , to proceed in my career I need to continue my study abroad , and for that I have to prepare myself perfectly well, and here I am studying again.

Fortunately this time I start to study English not medicine, as a preparation to study medicine later , I applied to a language course run by the British council here in Libya, it sounded interesting at the start , our teacher is great he is a native speaker , my classmates are nice ,we study 6 to 9 hrs per week the main days are Tuesdays and Thursdays , I was active energetic at the beginning, get my homework done the day I receive it , but as the lessons progress it becomes harder , we sink deeper and deeper in the academic language , and that is really booooooooring ,,, and hellllllo... that big lazy slacker person in me woke up , last Thursday we got a writing task and it supposed to be ready and handed over to the teacher yesterday , and happily I didn't finish it till today and I will hand it over tomorrow, just imagine five days wasn't enough for me, what a shame, and I am good in finding excuses ( it was heavy week at work teacher , a lot of day and night shifts ...and the good voice in me shouting liar , liar, you didn't cover any duties neither a day nor a night shifts this week ) .

Today afternoon unfortunately found myself sleeping over my English book for the first time hope it is the last, so may be it is not really related to studying medicine, but to the Academic study in general , but I still insist the medical book rank number one for attracting sleep to me ... when ever I got insomnia (sleeplessness ) , I catch a book from my library and .. Hooops ... I dive into a peaceful ocean of sleeeeep...

So what is number one in your rank ?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I have a problem, I AM SPARKLING LIGHT.

Today's when I woke up and turned my bed room chandelier on, the last alive light bulb in it blow out, my bed room light bulbs have the shortest life span ever at our home ... Ooh ! no my bathroom light bulb has a shorter life span, and if a light bulb any where at home found to be blown up I will be the first one accused ( and really isn't me :( !!).. There were times during my childhood when this reached the level made my mom take a few moments with me, to teach me how should I behave when I want to turn on the light, she said don't rush or dash just stand calm take deep breath and then turn the light on ... and it has really worked for us and our light bulbs lived longer since then ...

But whenever winter arrives I start to suffer again from my electricity , I couldn't count how many times I saw the sparkling light around me when it is dark and I am moving around or under the blanket, and on daily basis I get a shock every morning when I get in touch with the metallic water tap at the bathroom or with the doorknobs, not to mention the shocks I get when I hit other people's body around at work accidentally , and even shock them sometimes but fortunately it is more often me who get shocked not them whenever touched so it is less likely for them to look askance at me and mumble what a freak ...

So to what extent do you experience this phenomenon ???

Share me your stories if you have any :0)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am not a fan of winter season ...

I wrote this long time before and I find it today worth sharing

خواطر من وحي الصقع

عندما يشتد الشتاء ... وتغزر الامطار ... عندما تتحول قطرة الماء من شدة البرد الى تبروري قبل أن تلمس الأرض ... عندما يكثف الغمام ويسود الأفق ... عندما يضربك الكسل وتنام ناسيا تسكير روشن دارك...و تستيقظ في جوف الليل مرتعشا لتكتشف أن البطانية قد تزحلقت عن جسدك...عندما تنهض في الصباح الباكر لتدوش فتكتشف أنه لا يوجد الا الماء البارد (ماهو الضئ كان هارب في الليل مافيش امية سخونة ) ... عندما تستلقي بجانب الدفاية متلحفا بالبطانية مستمتعا بدفئها فيقض مضجعك رنين جرس الباب ولا يوجد أحد غيرك في الحوش ليفتحه ... عندما يزيد الكونجشن مع ازدياد الزمهريري ويتسكر الخشم...عندما يكثر العطس ... وعندما يزيد الكح .. فتذهب الى الصيدلية مستنجدا فتجدها مسكرة ( ماهو مؤتمرات ) ...عندها ... وعندها فقط ...تخطرين على بالي يـــــــــا


Sunday, November 11, 2007

a sweet movie I recommend..

Griffin & Phoenix

Griffin is divorced, living in a flat in Manhattan while his sons and ex live in the family home in Westchester. He gets bad news from his oncologist: cancerous lesions have spread through his chest, and he has only a year or so to live, He audits a psychology class on death and dying at a nearby college where he chats up a woman , She's Phoenix; she smiles but keeps her distance, warming to him slowly, he tells her nothing of his situation, they start having fun together, The pair partner up to do all the crazy things Griffin always wanted to do: sneak into movies, hop railroad cars, and fall deeply in love, But Phoenix has a secret, she is also have a terminal illness , the most perfect part of the movie when the truth blow up barely in front of them ... And so begins a last minute chance for them both to discover all that life can be, however long there is left.
Look for it watch, enjoy, and tell me your opinion..

Thursday, November 1, 2007


This lovely Abdallah was raised up in our department !! , he is an orphan ( parentless ) , and because he was discovered as hepatitis C positive at neonatal period there was a problem in adopting him by any charity association , so he stayed at the hospital waiting for the complicated steps of adoption to take place ...

He was grown up in our pediatric department , we were there to witness his first smile , laugh , his first dadada , and we were there to attend and enjoy his first step in walking , and one of my colleague was kind enough to take care of him with the help of all the others ( all the staff doctors, nurses, helpers, cleaners, & even some of our patient ) to bring him what ever he needed (water ,milk ,food ,clothes , games, ...etc) , he even arrange with paediatric surgery department to circumcise him ,and made a big party after that , we call that doctor Baba Abdallah , and others also act to assure that Abdallah received all his needed vaccines on time so he will miss nothing , so every member in the department is feeling in some way or another as if Abdallah was part of his family ...

Abdallah is ten months old now ,... we had arranged to send him a PCR for hepatitis C which is a confirmatory test to know the viral load and genotype for hepatitis C as a preparation before receiving any treatment for his hepatitis ... and the MIRACLE happened , he turned to be a hepatitis C negative , and the previous result was just reflecting his mom's serum which was transfused to him during pregnancy and delievery , that was a great news , we all was delighted and cheerful ..

Abdallah is negative...

We made a big party today's afternoon ...

the arrangment to adopt him after this news will be much easier ...

Look at this lovely boy ...

and pray with me for him to be adopted by a nice family which will make his life a normal happy and prosperous ...
yaaaaaaa Allah

Saturday, October 27, 2007

my photos...

I added a link to my flicker page here in my blog , check it and enjoy, it is there on the left border of my blog page ...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My crazy nights...!

Ok every body hold ur breaths u r going to read my first diary on my blog , 1st of all don't criticize my language I already know that I have a poor one , but I promise I will relieve u from the torture of reading bad language very soon as I am planning to apply to an English course...
I am working in the hospitals world for almost five years now , but the thing whcih I couldn't adapt to is working at night shift , to contradict my normal human physiology and stay fully awake while every single cell in my body crying desperately for sleep , but I think what makes me continue is the life paradox I experience which push my adrenaline up to the limit with every shift ...

last night was one of those crazy nights , it was heavy admission at the paediatric department , we spend the night with two of my colleagues and two intern doctors running between sick kids , there were a cocktail of sickness as alwayes happen with weather changes , ranging from a simple flue to a severe pneumonia which needed an admission to the paediatric intensive care unit , passing by that poor kid who could't keep any thing down and he was continuously throwing up pushing the nerve of the nurse , cleaner and his mommy to the edge ...

then it comes the funny story of that lovely 2 years old girl who could hardly take her breath and she was severly ill because of acute exacerbation of her asthma , her parent was too worry about her , but aftre 2 hours of my good management ... lol , she was stabilized and the father left home , and we admit the girl at about 2:00 am with her pregnant mom to complete her treatment as in patient , every body was satisfied and relaxed , but the story did't end her , at about 4:45 am the nurse phoned me yelling the pregnant mom in pain she may be in labor , I thought what an endless night , ok don't panic relax , I hurry up to the mom that peaceful mom turned to a miserable women the labor pain is the most painful pain a human being can ever experience , I tried to relax her I called my helper to take her in wheelchair immediately to the delievery room 5 minutes away from our department , but the mom has different plan she called her husband and she wanted to leave to a private clinic , her husband came he was in a total mess too, he wanted her to deliver at the hospital and they start to argue and really there were no time to argue I was pushed to wind up this argument because of the critical situation I asked the father firmly what was ur arrangment before he said we arrange to deliver at private clinic I told him ok go on don't waste ur time hurry up to the private ( it was't too far from the hospital ) clinic ,and after u finish bring some body to stay with the sick girl he said the grandmom is taking care of the twin sister of the sick girl , I saied in confidence while from inside I was crumbling , ok go and try to find any one else later just go we will take care of ur child , they left with the nurse , I looked back to the lovely sleeping girl and said please don't wake up tell ur mommy or what who ever come back to u , 15 min later she wake up and another type of night shift torturing started , crying crying ... endless crying , I was afraied that her condition will deteriorate , never stopped crying , what a stubborn kid , for one and half hour she did't stop tell her grandmomy came at last ... and she bring the good news the mom delivered peacefully a baby girl ...

I think I will never admit a pregnant mom again in my on call ... lol
enjoy the long story ...and we will meet in my next night shift adventure hope it will be shorter...

I am tired gonna to sleep... good night...

Monday, October 15, 2007

العلاج هو الافشاء

العلاج هو الافشاء .. والافشاء .. والمفاتحة .. والمكاشفة.. والمناجاة الحميمة بين يدي صديق .. أو حبيب ..

والصداقة الحميمة علاج أحسن من الطب ,لان التكاشف فيها يتم عن تراض وعن تعاطف وعن حب وعن ثقة .. بدون غرض وبدون أجر .. الصداقة لها أيد ناعمة تستل الأسرار من مكامنها وتحفظها وتحنو عليها .. وتضمد الجراح وتأسو الآلام ..

الصديق طبيب عظيم لايقدر بثمن ..

احتفظ بصديق تفتح له قلبك .. وتكشف له خباياك وجروحك .. صديق تغضب معه .. وتثور معه .. وتكره معه ..

ان الصديق أحسن وقاية من الأزمات .. لأنك في كل مرة تكاشفه فيها .. تتحلل نفسك .. ثم يتم تركيبها من جديد في سياق سليم..

د.مصطفى محمود
hope u all have this kind of friend

Thursday, October 11, 2007

الشيباني والعزوز زي ماتسمي فيهم امي عيدكم امبارك ان شاء الله

كل عيد وأنتم الى الله أقرب وعن ناره أبعد

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

زخة مطر...!

أن تفيق في الفجر وترى ما طرأ على الكون من مسحات غامضة غريبة اثر هطول المطر وأنت نائم أمر يجعلك تؤمن

بأن سر الخلاص الكبير للانسان وهو يسير فوق الأرض يربض حتما في اكتشاف هذه اللحظات العامرة باليقين .

"I love walking in the rain, ’cause then no-one knows I’m crying."

بالامس هطل المطر على مدينتي فكسى الارض بعبير الفرح

Sunday, October 7, 2007


لتهبي رياح الألم فقد تعود جسدي على سياط جلاديك
هبي واقذفي بي أين ماتشائين
هبي ليبدأ فصل جديد من فصول المعاناة
هبي وهبي فماذا بعد أكثر
هبي فقد ضاعت بوصلتي
وانطفأ مصباحي
وانكسر مجدافي
وتهت كملاح لم يعد يدري أي الاتجاهات يسلك
فماذا بعد أكثر...
هبي فمهما طال الزمن سيكون لهبوبك نهاية
سترحلين عني شئت أم أبيت
فهذا هو ناموس الكون
وهذه سنة الله في خلقه
مايقلقني ويخيفني هو ما سيتبقى لي مني بعد سكونك
فهل سأتمكن من جمع شتاتي المبعثرة لتنهض كيانا قويا متكاملا كما عهدتها لترسو على اليابسة من جديد
أم سأكون أشلاءا متناثرة ضعيفة لاهوية لها تتلاعب بها الأمواج
كما تشاء وتقذف بها كل يوم على شاطئ جديد

الثلاثاء ابريل 11 /2006
الثانية صباحا
حجرة أطباء عناية جراحة القلب أطفال
    • بعد ان أخذت الامانة و حلقت الروح الى بارئها

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Paradoxical Commandments

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.Love them anyway.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.Do good anyway.

If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.Succeed anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.Build anyway.

People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.Help people anyway.

Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth.Give the world the best you have anyway.

by Dr. Kent M. Keith