Monday, October 22, 2007

Hey...every for the best, vote for Imtidad ... !

best of luck for u Doc. ...!


libyan. said...

Sorry, but you can at least change the words, or refer to my words or to my blog, and it is not ok with me just to copy and paste my post.

enlightened spirit said...

ok brother Libyan , I remove ur words from my post and I put it here (so ppl will understand ur comment ) , my intention was just to support our brother , and as the words were not a poetry or of personal issue I did't find it necessary to mention the source, I apologize any way .

this ur precious words:

DW (deutsche welle) is looking for the best of blogs, in different categories, one of these categories is best podcast, and one of the nominees is the libyan writer Ghazi Geblawi who has been blogging for while, but he is not only nominated for the best arabic blog also for the best podcast worldwide.

If you want to support him and vote for him pls go the follwing link and vote for Ghazi.
we all wish him best of luck

mani said...

hehehehe :) :)

nice one enlightened spirit :)

love your writing!


Ghazi Gheblawi said...

Thank you enlightened spirit for your support and I wish you the best in your blogging. Ghazi Gheblawi

Hibo said...

oky, i am doing my best in the vote:D

if u won dont forget us `3azy fi alzrdah...loooooooooooool

Good luck ya weld blady

Weldemdina said...

Thank you " enlightened" for the link and best of luck to Ghazi although he doesnt need it , mashallah, as for "Libyan" I would say : if it wasn't for "enlightened" I wouldn't know about your blog :o) .