Sunday, November 11, 2007

a sweet movie I recommend..

Griffin & Phoenix

Griffin is divorced, living in a flat in Manhattan while his sons and ex live in the family home in Westchester. He gets bad news from his oncologist: cancerous lesions have spread through his chest, and he has only a year or so to live, He audits a psychology class on death and dying at a nearby college where he chats up a woman , She's Phoenix; she smiles but keeps her distance, warming to him slowly, he tells her nothing of his situation, they start having fun together, The pair partner up to do all the crazy things Griffin always wanted to do: sneak into movies, hop railroad cars, and fall deeply in love, But Phoenix has a secret, she is also have a terminal illness , the most perfect part of the movie when the truth blow up barely in front of them ... And so begins a last minute chance for them both to discover all that life can be, however long there is left.
Look for it watch, enjoy, and tell me your opinion..

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dusk till dawn said...

its all determination it sound and to live the last days as happy as u could be , i have not seen the movie, hope to come cross it ,frm the title Griffen Mythical monoster and Phoenix a bird rises new frm the ashes sound brill, so pleased u did enjoy it,thanx for sharing it,