Saturday, January 26, 2008

winter blue's scribbles!

from my scribbles to a cherished friend after little corrections to keep some privacy :)

I am totally confused, and wish u call, and if u please do not just read and frown.

Should I blog about this, or should I keep it for my own.

Should I counsel a friend, or just think alone.

Should I go overseas to advance in my carrier, or stay here buried as unknown.

And if I went … should I continue in my field, or should I change it and make my past experience blown.

And before I go, should I enter the golden cage, or should I remain alone.

Lacking of sleep, lacking of desire, lacking my spirit being high as a flaming fire...

Should I quit my job to organize my messy life, or should I stay.

I think the best thing to do now is, to read some Quran and pray.

Praise ALLAH almighty and ask him to light up my way .

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Get well soon teacher !

The hard job which was exhausting me, finished today, cheers !!!
It was the last day for the 5th year pediatrics clinical exam, I will write out a short idea how the exam is running, each day there are 60 candidates (5th year medical students) , each candidate have to be examined by 4 committees, in each of the 3 committees there is a baby or a child to be medically examined by the 5th year medical student, in front of two examiners who will discuss the case with him, then they evaluate and put his mark, and the 4th committee is an oral exam; to prepare all these committees, with the babies and children to be examined, we have to arrive to the hospital at 7:15 to 7:30 am, with two of my colleagues, we are the coordinators, over the tutors, who will organize these committees.

I wake up before dawn, wash, take my breakfast, and just immediately after alfajer, I got dressed, and hurry up to the hospital, we finish every day around 3:00 p.m.
That continued for 9 days, every day I back home, with every single muscle cell in my legs and feet ,crying eagerly for rest, and my head is throbbing like a drum, I say to myself, tomorrow will be another similar day, so get some rest deary, or u will be done, so I eat, pray, and sleep like a child...
While all this is running, I have to catch up my English classes , and I do attend them, but with less energy, today as usual we finished the exam at 3:00 p.m., and my English class start today at 2:00 p.m., I decided that I will join the class after the break coz we usually take two different subjects, one before and the other after the break, I am that kind of student, who try as much as she can to not miss any thing ,so we hurry up, me and a friend of mine, using her car, breaking through the traffic jam, to reach there at the time of the break, we luckily found a park quickly, speeded to the building, took the stair up to the classes, she joined her class, and I proceeded to my class to find it ...
da .. da .. da .. daaa ...
surprisingly empty, first thing passed my mind, they are in a break , but as I was proceeding forward to the board, there it was written in a big letters:
Ivan (the teacher) is unwell today, and he will be absent ...
so every body already passed by, and left...
I paused, thought for a moment, then I smiled , took the color pen , and wrote on the board, wish you get well soon, and draw a smily face beside it, with excitement I turned back home , home sweet home I am coming , and tomorrow is the weekend, so an endless sleep is waiting for me.