Saturday, January 26, 2008

winter blue's scribbles!

from my scribbles to a cherished friend after little corrections to keep some privacy :)

I am totally confused, and wish u call, and if u please do not just read and frown.

Should I blog about this, or should I keep it for my own.

Should I counsel a friend, or just think alone.

Should I go overseas to advance in my carrier, or stay here buried as unknown.

And if I went … should I continue in my field, or should I change it and make my past experience blown.

And before I go, should I enter the golden cage, or should I remain alone.

Lacking of sleep, lacking of desire, lacking my spirit being high as a flaming fire...

Should I quit my job to organize my messy life, or should I stay.

I think the best thing to do now is, to read some Quran and pray.

Praise ALLAH almighty and ask him to light up my way .


a_akak said...

I hope u r ok? as it seems you have a lot of things floating around and your judgments seems a bit clouded? if so always look at the brighter side and ask yourself and ask yourself again, is this what I really want to be/do/become/have and i hope you will find the way :)

Should I? would I? Can I? are questions that lead to more question, but I WILL.
/ I AM/ I WANT are more direct

Career or happiness? ... the answer only lies with you

Fe Aman allah

Brave Heart said...

i think it is one of the turning point moments, in this situation u must be careful because there are two kind of decisions, historical mistake which you regret all ur life and historical decision which you will be pleased all over your life.
take care

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Enlightened Spirit,
Thanks for sharing your "winter blue's scribbles" with us. I know you're not asking our opinions, but appreciate you considering them. I would agree that praying is always an excellent way to connect with Allah. For there is no other than can give greater guidance, comfort and direction then Allah. However, at momemts like these it seems as if all has fallen silent when trying to obtain His words. The beauty of this life is the peak and valley we must wander through in order to become more well-developed human beings who hopefully with the skills and tools they've gained along the journey will make the surroundings we are living in better for those that begin the journey after us. It's just climbing out of the valley can be most painful as well as the most rewarding and memorable times of our lives.

So, I applaud you for processing your thoughts and taking them to the most important one who can earnestly guide you on your path like no other, Allah.

Anonymous said...

oh my dear dont you worry, life will continue as planned by god, no matter what you decide now, i was in a similar situation few years ago, in libya, newly graduated working in paediatrics,confused, not very sure about my plans for the future, today i am a wife , mother and enjoying my career as a paediatrician in the uk. so cheer up ,pray alot and never ever do a thing without ISTIKHARA, may god give you all the happiness and success

dusk till dawn said...

woooooooooow wooooooooooow , at last the pure heart has glowing . winter cosy flames affect the thoughts and mind , what ever u think is right fallow ur beleive, and turn the leaf,
ur strong a wise u will always reach ur goal,
do not think of the blues brush them a side.and start the day wt big happy smile.
thanx for sharing ur thoughts sis

Maya M said...

I see you are standing at an important crossing in your life.
Making decisions is quite a burdern, isn't it?
And nobody will make our choices for us. Even God, because He gave us the decision-making ability. (Here I am metaphorically speaking, because I do not actually believe.)
I think the difficult part is figuring out what you really want. Because we are all conditioned from early childhood to guess, appease and internalize other people's wishes. Those of our parents, other relations, teachers, employers, community. Once you manage to silence the outside voices and understand your own true wishes, the right path appears.
Good luck!

Benghazi Citizen said...

This is one of the most difficult decesion a person can make..
Being a man doesn't make it any easier as i think of the future and what to do with it..
My friend ,i had to make difficult decisions because i believed i was making the right thing...
I decided to concentrate on my career future ,i paid a price for that,a high one..
Dear friend
One piece of advice
What is it you really want?
What options do you have?
And what is the attitude of the other side of the future?what he thinks of sharing and partnership?
The important thing is to take the decision you can live with..
Don't take decision because you feel under pressure or because time is passing by
Pray for guidance and the peace of mind..
Pray for happiness in what ever decision you make..
Pray for the past to be the road to take yo to the right future for you..
Be well..

LoveLyH said...

خليني ساكته
الحالات الي تمري بيها تجيني نفسها وتقريبا في نفس الوقت

تقولي توامه

يالله شنو بنديروا تري
نصلوا وندعوا ونقوروا شوية قران

حمام دافي سخين و طول للفراش
نفتح الام بي 3 متاعي علي اداعة القران الكريم لين نرقد والسماعة في ودني

littlegirl said...

hey Dr
just be strong and do what you wont to do and what you feel that its right
Allah with you

fe aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Well said Maya M.

hatem said...

اختي العزيزة اتمنى من الله ان يوفقك لاتخاذ القرار المناسب والذي يضمن لكِ الراحة والطمئنينة مستقبلا وبقدر ما انا معجب كالعادة بكتاباتك الا انني فعلا اشعر بالانزعاج من اجلك واتمنى فعلا من الله ان يوفقك الى ما هو خير لكِ ولدينك واسرتك وكما اسلفتي في خاطرتك ليس افضل في هذه الظروف من التوجه إلى الله عزل وجل بالدعاء والصلاة خصوصا صلاة الاستخارة والله ولي التوفيق

MusicLover said...

Should I go overseas to advance in my carrier, or stay here buried as unknown.

And if I went … should I continue in my field, or should I change it and make my past experience blown.

And before I go, should I enter the golden cage, or should I remain alone

Just follow your dreams, so that you will not regret in the future that you did not have the guts to follow them

Martin Luther King "I have a dream"

Benghazi Citizen said...

i do hope u feel better..
up date us dear friend

abdullah SH said...

Update ... Now i can talk after finishing my post "ths post one from few reasons inspire me 2 writte my post‏ أختى حواء...‏ الدراسه ‏¤العريس ‏ ‏" realy impresive & touched our soul bt good news i writte my comment after u taking ur decision so no more feel upset i feel ok now ...even i know u may nt read ths comment "old post" bt tht 's my way 2 say thanx 4 those ppl i respect him sooo mch ... "even time goes so fast bt iam always never forgt my friends" salam