Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Ups & Downs !

The last two weeks were too overcrowded with many ups and downs, but elhamdoAllah I could survive at last, I will not write about the downs as there is no one likes the down, is there any one?

Well well well, yes it is my English language certificate, I finished the first semester and passed to the next, with grade A ... loool loool loool, we finished in last January,but we got it only at last week ... I am not sure that I will be able to finish all the semesters, but I will continue as long as the circumstances allow me.

Another achievement is that I finally got the will to start my study for USMLE step I, my start is too late, coz I always have a shortage of time ( work, english class, etc..) but as the wise man said "better late than never",I will try to reorganize my time to have more spare hours for study, hope this study will fructify something in the near future.


And lastly another good news, for all of u who care about the cuttie Boody ( Abdallah ), it seems that he is going to have a family, not so sure if they will be able to qualify for the adoption , still the process of papers is going on, hope they could have him at last coz they are really nice, I will up date u later if anything new happened .




Pray for him and for me :)
fe aman Allah

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thank you notice!

cheished friend
and any other friend or visitor who just passed by :
Your words were more than appreciated, it worked like candlelights in my darkness .
I would like to announce for those who are concerned, that I have made some decisions at last, and I was relieved, I see it as the right decisions for me right now, don't know if it will continue to feel so all the way long, but sometimes to take a decision and chose a path, is better than standing still in the crossroad may be for years, thinking and wondering where you should go?, even after some time you figure out that it was the wrong path, you will always be able to go back and change it, and it will not be a wasted time because you should had learned through the journey.
Hah it seems that I am looking today through the full half of the glass , hope I will stay like this for long...