Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Ups & Downs !

The last two weeks were too overcrowded with many ups and downs, but elhamdoAllah I could survive at last, I will not write about the downs as there is no one likes the down, is there any one?

Well well well, yes it is my English language certificate, I finished the first semester and passed to the next, with grade A ... loool loool loool, we finished in last January,but we got it only at last week ... I am not sure that I will be able to finish all the semesters, but I will continue as long as the circumstances allow me.

Another achievement is that I finally got the will to start my study for USMLE step I, my start is too late, coz I always have a shortage of time ( work, english class, etc..) but as the wise man said "better late than never",I will try to reorganize my time to have more spare hours for study, hope this study will fructify something in the near future.


And lastly another good news, for all of u who care about the cuttie Boody ( Abdallah ), it seems that he is going to have a family, not so sure if they will be able to qualify for the adoption , still the process of papers is going on, hope they could have him at last coz they are really nice, I will up date u later if anything new happened .




Pray for him and for me :)
fe aman Allah


Libyano said...

aywa hiki always be positive and insahllah there will be no more downs in your life

Mabrook for the A
Good luck with the USMLE which i am trying to start studying for but still have this too lazy mood to study again
Great news about abdullah inshallah things work out for him


Anglo-Libyan said...

Alf Mabrouk and well done :o)

good luck with your studies, Allah with you and I am glad about Abdullah, it seems he has many fans on line, Allah bless him and I am looking forward to more news about him.

dusk till dawn said...

salam Dr

wooooooooow how great feeling to see u doing well and cheerful a gain. well done in ur english grade big ( A)
life is not always doom and gloom. there is light in the end of the tunel , ur doing fine .
those things happening in our path they could be a waking up calls ,
so pleased for ou adballah he is cute, wish him gd luck .he become one of ur staff ha ha he might help u in ur usmle ,
go easy on us sis we are not all medic to know whats usmle means .....u and ur unite states medical licensing examination
keep the gd work going , wish u happiness always

CNN Libya said...

Wow Datoora!, I don't understand how girls can focus on more than one task at a time!!!, mashallah, you are just an inspiration.

Congratulations on your fabulous certificate, good luck with your further studying, and may Abdulla have a warm home.

I was astonished to see the sign of Al Fateh university on your certificate, I didn’t know that there is some connection between the BC and the university!!!

Did you take the course at the BC building in Asseyahia?!, cause I cannot imagine you traveling all the way from the TMC to the BC, and back again, every day of your course days!!

Why did they make you start at the first semester?, your English seems perfect!

I've always wanted to have a course at the BC, but recently, after having a look at what they have to offer, I became leery at the 36 hours course, how can anyone improve their language skills in only 36 hours?, seems a very short time!!!

Ok, I will stop inquiring for now, inshallah deema ups and no more downs. :)

enlightened spirit said...

libyano ...

inshAllah I will stay positive, wa Allah ybarek feek.
and take my advice brother enjoy the internship and after it finish, arrange for short memorable vacation, and after that if u really heading for abroad start ur study immediatelly , don't waste ur time.

anglo-libyan ...

thank u.
yes Boody (Abdallah) has many many fans on line, actually he made my blog page famous, as I promise be4 I will keep u all updated about him.

dusk till dawn ...

thank u brother.
sometimes we got tired and too blind in our journey and fail to recognize the light at tunnel's end, poor us.
I agree with u it is waking up calls.
sorry to bother u with my terms , but I actually add an enclosed link to describe the term, but it did't work till I refix it in the second day, sorry again.
thanx again for u r wishes

CNN libya ...

that is why we are girls ..loool..
thanx for ur congratulations brother.
yes don't be astonished, there is an agreement between Alfateh and the british council, to give courses for those who are nominated for a schoularship abroad, so I am not travelling to assayahia for my class, even though some of my colleague come from there every day , my class is near the TMC in Alfateh university.
then they did't really put me in the first semester, we do a placement test, then they categorize us accordingly, I was in the upper inermediate.
my language is not good as it sounds here in my blog, coz I am actually not writting fluently, but with effort, and I do that as a part of my self-stuy.
I agree with u about the 36 hours, we take about 6 hours a week apart from the self-study, and I don't feel it is enough at all.
hope this answer satisfied ur curious mind brother ;)

wenshAllah dema ups ...

Benghazi Citizen said...

Great to know u are now up and running for studying for USMLE..brrr..
well,,i should start preparing for my Exam too,,next May..But still,,no NEYA:)
great to know Abdulla may get lucky at last..poor kid
update us my friend
our prayers and best wishes

MusicLover said...

Patch Adams

Reading your blog about preparing for USMLE and Abdullah reminded me of a famous doctor Patch Adams. I would recommend you to watch this film and also great film for kids over 8.

Good luck

enlightened spirit said...

benghazi citizen ...

Allah ybarek feek, and thanx for ur wishes.
just to get the will to start the study is hard, after that all the NEYA will come passively, and u will feel something is missed in the day which u couldn't arrange to have ur usual hours of study, wish u good luck in ur exam.
I will keep u all updated.

musiclover ...

actually this movie is one of my favourite one, it is very inspiring, especially because it is about a real story.
I share similar interests with this famous doctor and it is not about the clown thing, coz I am not that funny with kids, I wish I am, but it is about his interest in alternative medicine..
thanx for the links.

Brave Heart said...

543435 mabrook, keep going.
btw i saw your name in the certificate :-P

Crowded Mind said...

Hey congratulation and good luck for your english study
It was my pleasure to talk to you that day I enjoyed
fe aman Allah

Motherland said...

congratulation.. and more success I wish to you .... Why? ... you deleting your name?...we do not working with government ;) ...abdullah we will pray to you inshallah ... do not regards

enlightened spirit said...

brave heart ...

543435 mabrook!!?

Should I analyze this number? sorry my mind couldn't stop working recently :p
did u saw my name? great, I became a famous libyan woman ;)

Crowded Mind ...

Thank u deary.
It was my pleasure too, u r always welcomed.

motherland ...

welcome to my humble space in the blogsphere.
I just blog comfortably when my name is unrevealed, couldn't describe exactly why?
but many of my friends here in the blogsphere and in my life know who is enlightened spirit, so it is not completely unrevealed, it is only partially.

thank u all for passing by.

LoveLyH said...

Congratulations D.
How come i dont` knew this news by u or by ur SMS>>i am angry now..
it seems as i am the last 1 who has heard about u!!??
tre7ahhhHH flagahhhHH..
i am happy that Abdulla maybe going to have his Own family.
hope so they re good family.
Say ya rab.

Chating & chating ..LOL
And cealing & cooking & watching Tv
Watching Movies By ur Pc..:D LOL
and Studing And Studing And studing..LOLLLLLLLLLLLLOL
fanily i knew how u were hiding and why i stop Getting u Around !!
And u keep send me this bule teath As u re feeling boring.

i am angry...:((

Hatem said...


dear sister I'm so happy for and i wish u more success in your life and your carer, but u spouse to make Zarda for us don't u LOL just kidding, congratulations again and my best wishes for you

Wesmosis said...

this is my first post in your lovely blog, so are you really a libyan female doctor? ;)cool really
Congrats for the certificate
peace sis

enlightened spirit said...

thank u wesmosis, yes I am alibyan female doctor, and welcome dear colleagueto my humble space.

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