Sunday, March 16, 2008

It is just a diary!

Warning: for those who don't like to read personal issue, don't waste your time on this, it is very personal, and in some how silly.
Long time ago I discovered that our administrative system is suck, but today I discovered that it suck suck suck suck and suck.
really depressive ...
how slowly things are running is ok with me, I get used to it, but my documents to be lost twice that is unbearable, to wait for one paper ,(which actually can be done within few minutes), for a whole month then the employer telling me in complete dullness: sorry your documents are lost you have to bring another copies.
I think I should have a Nobel Prize of peace, for being patient with the employer, and receiving his sorry statement with Crest extra whitening smile, I really don't know how I kept myself calm, may be coz I have no other choice.
Ok that is one of my down, and don't want to talk much about it, just want to mention that the paper is very important to me, and I really had the desire to punch that man in his face if I could.
I think this is one of the reasons which kill Libyan youth from inside, coz while I was calm and smiling, felt something inside me tearing; do you think our administrative system will ever improve??? I believe it will, but till then if any one has any advice how to overcome this inefficiency apart from using crest smile and patience technique, don't hesitate to give it.

Trying to overcome this depressive event in my day, I took a ride through Tripoli roads at sunset time, my brother and his wife accompanied me, and he was the driver, when I do this kind of trips I try to look after the routine views in our daily life and lighten it, to lift up my spirit.
I wanted to share with you some of these views which really lifted me up:


.The first one was for a white Toyota car, which was driving around and on both sides of it was written in a green bold letters الا أنت يارسول الله ( Except you the prophet of Allah ), the car's view touched me deeply, it is a way of smart silent remonstration.
.The second one was for a disabled girl in her wheelchair with her mom pushing the chair in Alsaha alkhadra (Green Square), the excitement look over the girl's face was amazing, how an ordinary stroll can brighten up this girl's life.
.The third view was in front of one of the toy's shop, and there were an over crowed of cars, and while we was trying to pass the traffic jam, a young girl, I hardly give her 7 or 8 years old, asked my brother to stop the car using her hand, and he stop it, we thought she was trying to cross the road, and for our surprise she was signing for another little girl in the opposite side of the road encouraging her to cross the road as we stopped, we really fall in laugh and excitement from her move, this young girl was really brave to stop a car for her girlfriend to pass, a friendship in it's delightful sight.

thank you for being patient and finished reading this long post , and now I have another battle to fight tomorrow at work, I have to have a rest, good night, and don't forget to leave a comment :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Refreshing Breath Of Spring !

Today I decided to take a day off from my life !!!

I left all my work , and all my study.

I left all my routine.

I left all the negative passing to me through aljazeera news.

I left it all behind my back ,

and headed to mother earth, to recharge my energy and restore my soul.

I embraced the colors of wild spring.
I would be pleased if you share the views with me.

Just click here for the pictures with my comments, and here for the slide show.
Update inspired by Gheriani's comment :)
Can u guess in which city in Libya these pictures was captured ?