Sunday, March 16, 2008

It is just a diary!

Warning: for those who don't like to read personal issue, don't waste your time on this, it is very personal, and in some how silly.
Long time ago I discovered that our administrative system is suck, but today I discovered that it suck suck suck suck and suck.
really depressive ...
how slowly things are running is ok with me, I get used to it, but my documents to be lost twice that is unbearable, to wait for one paper ,(which actually can be done within few minutes), for a whole month then the employer telling me in complete dullness: sorry your documents are lost you have to bring another copies.
I think I should have a Nobel Prize of peace, for being patient with the employer, and receiving his sorry statement with Crest extra whitening smile, I really don't know how I kept myself calm, may be coz I have no other choice.
Ok that is one of my down, and don't want to talk much about it, just want to mention that the paper is very important to me, and I really had the desire to punch that man in his face if I could.
I think this is one of the reasons which kill Libyan youth from inside, coz while I was calm and smiling, felt something inside me tearing; do you think our administrative system will ever improve??? I believe it will, but till then if any one has any advice how to overcome this inefficiency apart from using crest smile and patience technique, don't hesitate to give it.

Trying to overcome this depressive event in my day, I took a ride through Tripoli roads at sunset time, my brother and his wife accompanied me, and he was the driver, when I do this kind of trips I try to look after the routine views in our daily life and lighten it, to lift up my spirit.
I wanted to share with you some of these views which really lifted me up:


.The first one was for a white Toyota car, which was driving around and on both sides of it was written in a green bold letters الا أنت يارسول الله ( Except you the prophet of Allah ), the car's view touched me deeply, it is a way of smart silent remonstration.
.The second one was for a disabled girl in her wheelchair with her mom pushing the chair in Alsaha alkhadra (Green Square), the excitement look over the girl's face was amazing, how an ordinary stroll can brighten up this girl's life.
.The third view was in front of one of the toy's shop, and there were an over crowed of cars, and while we was trying to pass the traffic jam, a young girl, I hardly give her 7 or 8 years old, asked my brother to stop the car using her hand, and he stop it, we thought she was trying to cross the road, and for our surprise she was signing for another little girl in the opposite side of the road encouraging her to cross the road as we stopped, we really fall in laugh and excitement from her move, this young girl was really brave to stop a car for her girlfriend to pass, a friendship in it's delightful sight.

thank you for being patient and finished reading this long post , and now I have another battle to fight tomorrow at work, I have to have a rest, good night, and don't forget to leave a comment :)


Brave Heart said...

i think the friendship in the childhood is very strong and thats why that brave girl tried to help her friend.the friendship is great thing in this life.

Anglo-Libyan said...

blogs are mainly for writing our personal experiences in life, if we are professional writers we would have a professional website :o)

Enjoyed reading your post especially about the brave young girl.

a_akak said...

Writing sometimes helps in many ways thats we cant see but i encourage you to write and write and write until you have nothing to write about :)

About the system, there is not much that can be done as the problem is with people's mentality and that takes time to change

Fe Aman Allah

amal said...

amzaing... this is the only ward i could say..

Nicht schlecht said...

What can i say....

It is nice words, i do usually like your writing.

and i am happy that you are fine.....

Frindship is amizing....

MusicLover said...

Your post remind me something in the past in Libya.

There was an office in the same building of Main Post office in downtown, were they will issue a birth certificate for you, it used to be hand written which took days, then we were fortunate to get it printed and get it next day. Then they switched back to handwritten because the Libyan government loves to give the Libyans hard time.

The Beatles - A Hard Days Night

enlightened spirit said...

wbrave heart ...
all our childhood feeling are strong and everlasting because it is pure.
friendship is one of the main ingredient of my happy life recipe.

yes u r right, I will never repeat that warning any more.
glad coz my post was enjoyable.

yes I agree with u, writing helping me to extreme extent, when I discovered the blogging world, I was like a child who finally found his perfect dream toy :)

let's pray together that the time will take to change mentality is not too long.

amal ...
ur encouraging words keep me going.

nicht schlecht...
happy coz u like it , and glad coz u left a comment.
good look ( not bad ) in ur German class ;)

things are changing here I like to believe in that, coz I will not be able to survive if I don't, although the rhythem of change is incredibly slow.

thanx for the song, it is too old but enjoyable.

dusk till dawn said...

salam Dr
sorry to see u went through all of this , wellcome to reality of life, how come a document just lost like that? as u said u where cool . but inside u where boiling over 100c ,
lately u seem to enjoy ur self and having fun, is it a turning poiint? i hope so
that sweet girl to do that and stop ur car family car was so brave of her , thats what friend ship all abt, i love reading ur posts as u do

Khalid said...

Hi, Paradox :)
Well, this is not a personal issue at all, it is one of the nightmares we all occasionally deal with, each time we need to approve a paper, or push a file, it takes like for ever to have our documents done, and it is very important to talk about these incidents, and point the defaulters out, cause this is the only thing we can do.

Kul 3am wa anti be khair :)

Weldemdina said...

Thank you for your blog and your post, its one of the blogs that I enjoy reading, keep writing. I am not good at this as you could see from my blog, but its really refreshing to read about something meaningful and worthy out of all these mushroomed blogs pages on the net.

The Libyan public sector is infested with rutted beurcracy and need a big shake up, as an individual you might be directly unable to do anything about it, however you could do a small thing, like keep checking on your boss to process your paper, and if he kept saying he lost it, then you need to report him to his superior, as we know: كل سيد" وليه سيده" and not just take no for an answer, but just staying quite about that wont help and that’s partly what most Libyans lacking and that’s the reason we have the lowest of the lowest infrastructure, public service to name a few, best of luck and kol sana wenty tayeba.

Crowded Mind said...

Salam sis
for me its not a personal issue

just don't lose hope things will shine again seriously its hard but it will be oki soon enshaAllah I know that you're smilling now because of me see it deserve smile again its worth
good luck sis
fe aman Allah

enlightened spirit said...

dusk till dawn ...
"welcome to the real world", I hear this phrase first in "The Matrix" movie and was extremly meaningful, since then I find it meaningful in many occasions in my life, one of my brother keep repeating it for me, and here u are repaeting it again and again.

khalid ...
when I said personal I was talkig about my agony.
hope we can do something more than talking, till then I will keep talking (writing) , and u all have to listen (read);)

weldemdina ...
"What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger."
that is one of my philosophy.
any way the document is not in my boss office, it would be easier.
I am dealing with a differnt sector, where I don't know any one, and start to deal with them just recently, if I Allah completed my journey in this sector I might talk more about it coz it is really a dark comedy wich worth a talk (a write).

thanx alot for ur heartning words about my blog, and waiting to read more in urs , by the way I am one of ur readers, who keep checking and enjoy reading it , although I did't comment any on urs yet, but sure I will, just keep going.

crowdedmind ...
don't worry sweety, I hardly if ever I would loose hope, it is my way of life ups and downs, that is my paradox, did't u read my blog's title description, it summarize it all.

I fall and I pick myself up. I lose hope yet I dream. I am lost and I find myself again. I cry and I laugh through my tears. I despair yet I believe.


MusicLover said...

The Real Key to Development

Recycling my old newspapers, I found this article which I kept which relates to your post. Check Libya in the table very encouraging :-)

Zade Dirani "Jordanian Pianist"

enlightened spirit said...

about the article, as egypt have jumped, I believe that we will do too :)

thanx alot for introducing this talented arab musician to me.

Amina said...

I came acrossed your blog today and my attention was drawn to this post, very interesting.

regards from Poland

LoveLyH said...

i send you Some of my wishs to get more best of luck my dear friend

Anonymous said...

it's amazing the way how u express your feelings,u have the art of writing,i do really like it, i enjoyed every word, keep writing, and thanks for giving us this opportunity to read it and to comment as well, u have a nice hobby, i am proud of u,i am proud bcz u r one of my friends,i like reading such stories,i would like to have a copy of all your posts keep writing and go on,
good luck

dr.butterfly said...

it was nice to read your post even if it was quite a while ago. i really admire you spirit!
the things you saw, that touched your soul were just very nice. life is never perfect, this is as close as it gets... the more complication we see and face every day, is replaced by the beauty we are gifted to feel in our hearts!!
many people don't see this type of beauty that surronds us.. and that is why they are more stressed and they have learned to not really care no more, and that's the way they ease thier pain. which is wrong!
so, my dear friend... you should be happy that you are able to enjoy the simple things in life. because that's what helps us over come the disturbance of our stressfull days!!

i'm sure you'll be fine, due to the fact the you can enjoy the simple things in life, and most of all notice them and be thankfull!!

take care, and sweet days, filled with expearance!!