Saturday, March 1, 2008

Refreshing Breath Of Spring !

Today I decided to take a day off from my life !!!

I left all my work , and all my study.

I left all my routine.

I left all the negative passing to me through aljazeera news.

I left it all behind my back ,

and headed to mother earth, to recharge my energy and restore my soul.

I embraced the colors of wild spring.
I would be pleased if you share the views with me.

Just click here for the pictures with my comments, and here for the slide show.
Update inspired by Gheriani's comment :)
Can u guess in which city in Libya these pictures was captured ?


Gheriani said...

For me the Breath of spring is always a Touch of Summer, as the Ghibli is approaching and will be with us very soon. Your Pics are very beautiful and it's always right to take the positiv side, and وفقك الله.

Gheriani said...

هذا أنا مرة أخرة ... هل أستطيع أن أخمن مكان الصور ... الخمس أم مسلاتة أم قصر خيار و أرض العماريين؟

Good Girl said...

Hello enlighted spirit:
It's so beautiful really, I will miss it this year. Good idea to have some time off for yourself really. Allah bless you.

LySpirit said...

the pics are just great. I'd like to add a contribution to rise up a little the positive energy field you are trying to build :)

check this link:

MusicLover said...

I Need a Virtual Break. No, Really

Google the article if the link does not work.

Strange I was reading the article last night when you posted you wanted a break. Just few days a friend of mine send me photos of spring in Libya.

Laura Marling - New Romantic

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Enlightened Spirit,
Mashallah what a wonderful capturing of nature. Did your soul feel refreshed and enlarged being out amongst such beauty? Mine did just glimpsing at these photos. Thanks for sharing.

dusk till dawn said...

salam sis
so u have risen wt the sun and walked throught the beautiful inspire ur breath and soul. the pics so breath taking beautiful .i can see why u took the day off work?enjoy ur fesh of air, take care,its a wild gusse the pics are frm gheryan or in that area, even iam frm benghazi but i will go for it sis

LoveLyH said...

so beautiful.

Hatem said...

thank u dear sister for sharing your joy moments of spring with us, those are beautiful pictures so lovely actually u inspired me to go out to but I headed to the east to Al-khomes road it's was really wonderful u should go there to u will like it too , so thanx again i hope u enjoyed your self my best wishes for you

DaMoon said...

sub7an Allah, i loved da pics mashallah...lucky u :o) I would say Gheryan?

Gheriani said...

I would say more probably Tarhuna, and if in Gherian, it must be in Jandouba?

UT said...

Awesome pics ES !Mashaallah.

Thanks for sharing them .

Is this the Green Mountains.

Lebeeya said...

Beautiful pictures. Well taken. What type of camera was used ?

Some times you really need to just let go of everything, breathe and keep all those negative feelings aside. I hope you are refreshed now :)

try staying away from al jzeera for a while, I get so depressed watching that channel. Esp with whats going on in Gaza :(

Subrata ?

enlightened spirit said...

glad u liked the pcts.
u got lost at the first guessing, but u catch it later, how could u recognize it?
it is in Tarhona, and to be more precise in an area named Dogha, the home town of my brother's mother in law.

good girl...
the Libyan spring will miss u deary, glad to see u back here.

thanx for ur contribution, lovely music thanx for sharing it, I tried to add it to my pcts , but unfortunately flicker is not supporting this feature.

what a coincidence :)
I liked the song, thank u.

yes I did dear
I refreshed and recharged my mind body and soul, glad that the pct refreshed u too.

dusk till dawn...
pleased u liked the pct, sorry ur guess was wrong, but u have an excuze coz u r from Benghazi ;)

than you :)

glad u enjoued ur time in al_khoms, actually the spring is there every where this year because of the heavy rain, Elhamdolellah.

glad coz u liked them, and sorry agian wron guess, it is not Gheryan.

I wish to visit the green mountain one day, and in the spring time!
thanx for ur comment.

my camera is Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W5.
I am not actually an addict for the news, but sometimes it is just hard to stay away from what is going on.
again wron guess, it is not Sabrata.

Crowded Mind said...

salam sis
its nice to hear and to see that as I told you minutes ago I think I'm gonna do like you take a week not a day off from my life
fe aman Allah

Benghazi Citizen said...

nice pics..nature is the best place to be in when we need to recharge,,belive me i know..
it's my habbit to go to the mountain every year ,spend some time there and come back with fresh spirit..
beutiful pictures
good post

enlightened spirit said...

crowded dmind...
take a week, it is like a dream to me, yeah go on refresh urself.

benghazi citizen...
yea nature is the best, a shared habit actually, but couldn't achieve it regularly, just when some circumstances allow me, fair enough though to keep my engine running, regards.

weda said...


naohama said...

thank u for sharing this rabi3 with us, It came 4me as kind gift from a kind heart at a homesickness momentto shed light and joy on my day.
Good luck
Happy new year
If too late, Happy Eid too