Friday, April 4, 2008

My dear sisters be like Bohessa !!!

As you all read in my last post about my agony to get a specific paper from one of our administrative sector, and the good news is that: I got it ... at last.

And as part of my continuous paradox show which I used to watch in the path of my life, here it comes the nice part of the show, which shaded away all the last agony.

I needed that specific paper for study application in a center located in the north west part of the globe, yes I am heading to the state, and what I want to say is that it takes me only two phone calls and one email to get my application done, and the papers have been packaged and sent back to me through the DHL service, and I am tracking it right now through the net, how exciting !!!.

It is terrific how the system there makes human life easier, yes the grass is always more green on the other side, I felt that today, but I wasn't glad because I want it to be green here, in my hometown, under my feet.

Now let me move on to the main reason to blog today ,which is to share with you my crush on this man, it is not a new crush , but it seems that the extra time which I have from some few days off from my work gave me the opportunity to follow some of my hobbies which is net surfing , and one of my friends on facebook has added him so she brought him back to my attention.

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf how great is this man, just watch the video and you will understand the title of my post, if any one interested in the whole talk , you can find it in youtube , or in facebook here enjoy :)

I should go to California as he is living there :)


LoveLyH said...

الـعفـو يابنتي العفو

خيرك متحشمه تقولي إن
هي الي اصبحت من المعجبين بيه و اني الي فكرتك بيه :)

راني متواضعه بكل


LoveLyH said...

Hamza Yusuf in the UK pt. 1


enlightened spirit said...

ماهو بش نخليلك ماتعلقي يابنت بما انك معاش تخشي تعلقي, قلت خل نخليلها ماتقول

عارفاتك بتخشي تقولي انا انا ;p

MusicLover said...

Correct Links

Hamza Yusuf - Upholding Faith, Serving Humanity

I should go to California as he is living there :)

Make sure he is not living in LA, because the city sucks. Northern California is beautiful

study application in a center located in the north west part of the globe,

Is it in the last frontier state ALASKA, thats what I call the northwest position of Tripoli. Say hi to the Moose :-)

Northern Exposure

Louie Louie

Enjoy the song as you will hear it a lot in many occasions.


Weldemdina said...

First time I heard about Shikh Hamza Yusuf when MBC showed "Rihla" documentary, I found him polite and a man with a charisma which makes you relaxed and all ears to listen to what he is saying, similar to some other Arab preachers ie. Amr Khaled and Shikh Abdel Kafy, may Allah bless them all.

I wish you all the best for your journey in pursuit of knowledge and discovering the unknown , welcome to the wild wild west :o) .

dusk till dawn said...

salam Dr

iam so pleased u did made ur mind up . i wish u all the best , iam sure u will do just great , bright future to,

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Enlightened Spirit,
MABROOK! I'm so happy to hear things are working out well for you, alhamdullilah. Yes, I definitely agree with you----you should come to California. ;-) Specifically northern California----as Musiclover has apparently been in my own backyard and knows how beautiful it is here.

Crowded Mind said...

hey sis
I'm so happy for you finally you got what you need
enshaAllah I'll try to see before you leave <):) but I don't know when :(
Fe aman Allah

enlightened spirit said...

who is better than u in providing the right links.

ok I will say hi to the Moose if u guarantee that he will not hurt me.

yes I knew him by the same way, but as I am not much a TV person, especially in Ramadn, that show was in Ramadan as far as I remember, so I actually did't watch it regularly, although I wish if I did.

thank u for ur wishes.

dusk till dawn...
so u r alive and not poisoned with choclate, glad to know that :)
thank u for the wishes.

Allah ybarek feek, elhamdoAllah it is working out.
I wish if I am going to California at least if I don't meet Sheikh Hamza yusuf will have a chance to meet with u and Amira ;) but u know my plan is a little bit different.

yes finally got it, but u know I am tracking the package and it was stopped in germany , I don't know why, I will try to contact DHL today, things never go smooth with me ( the complainer voice in me waked up ;)
we will meet if Allah wants.

Motherland said...

The grass is always more green on the other side,,,,illusions ... Dr.,believe me it is green under your feet.if you was walk on green drugget. best regardS

enlightened spirit said...

I know I know, it is an illusion, I used to recognize illusions, but when I am weak I couldn't recognize it, we r human at the end.