Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My morning visitor !!!

Today's morning, as the sun was shining and it was too hot, so I decided to invest the best of solar energy available, by using our solar powered laundry dryer.

for all who are not familiar with this kind of dryer, I would like to intoduce it for you.
This dryer is the cheapest and the safest for the environment of all kind of laundry dryer machines available on the market, I can bet on this, and the instructions for using it, is so uncomplicated.
It simply consist of a rope or thread called the clothline, dangled highly between two objects in the outside yard, and then the wet clothes is hanged on this line and fixed with pins, cloth pins.
It is as simple as that, and I guarantee you nothing can smell like clothes dried with the direct heat from the sun, and the drying power of warm breezes!!!
Anyway what I am trying to tell here is, when I get out to invest the solar energy and hang our laundry I met my morning visitor, he was hanging there on the clothline waiting for my camera!!!

look at him

lovely chameleon


here when he started his acrobat show

when he finished he was just leaving, but I did't get enough, so I asked him to stay

but he get angry and shouted at me

I was afraid so I just said :( okey thank you for the show, see u next time,bye bye big guy

don't blame me for this pcts if u hate Bukeshash( chameleon) , coz I am fascinated about dinosaurs and that is the best similar creature to them at my era, and in my area :)


MusicLover said...

What a coincidence, here is an article which is related to your post, maybe you need to move to my state :-)

The Right to Dry:
A Green Movement
Is Roiling America
Clothesline Has Neighbors
Bent Out of Shape in Bend;
An Illegal Solar Device?

Lili Haydn - Maggot Brain

Very interesting article because an Arab musician was mentioned in it. I think she should stick to playing violin than singing (my opnion)

libyan said...

These are sooo great pictures, it is always nice to see a rare and wonderfull creature like this.

But more in this post i liked your words about the dryer. You reminded me of my last visit to libya, since here for over than 6 months of the year there is nooooo sun to dry the clothes, either in the heating room or the normal dryer. So, in Libya the clothes were (Fog el 7et) and you know what, the wonderful smell of the sun and the air was still on them couples of weeks later here, the things that i didn't use since then are still smelling of the Sun there and it is such a great smell, it reminds me of there.

libyan said...
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Anglo-Libyan said...

I love chameleons, few days ago I was at a pet shop where they sell them but they are difficult to keep.
it is so good to see them in their natural environment (even if its a rope).

Great pictures, thanks so much

Hatem said...

Alsalam alekum
nice pictures i hope he wasn't annoying guest lol, i like the angry picture it's so scary loool
i hope your next guest will be much cuter then this one

abdu alshrief said...

waooo ... nice pic ....
i like ths kind of subjects whn someone make a sweet subject on simple pic ...
keep on DR ...

dusk till dawn said...

salam Dr

Great pics what a start to the day .u had u free show ,
what would u done if it was more then one?
so ur a enviromentalist friendy , at least u will not get a stastic electricity any more, and peoples are safe to touch u ha ha
just to add thanx sis for ur kind wish thats i been admitted to hospital due to chocolate overdose ha ha,
thanx for sharing ur pics,

nasimlibya said...

Color coordination in line with color photos very cool.
Greetings to visitors day :)

Weldemdina said...
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Weldemdina said...

When you started talking about solar dryer I thought hang on what’s the point of this if you can have a rope and the heat sun, then it hit me when you start talking about the rope etc.. nicely put . I do like the changing colour of chameleons, fascinating also the way they move their eyes "subhan Allah” , thank you for these nice pictures.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Enlightened Spirit,
Unbelievable! I swear I thought those little creatures were some made up story. I honestly didn't know they existed, and here it is serving as a clothes-pin for you to hang your laundry. :-) Great photos and thank you soooooo much for sharing.

enlightened spirit said...

hiiii everybody,
sorry for my delayed reply.

I never tut that this subject had rose such a debate.
why they r complicating the life like this there, really I should move to ur state to fight for the simplicity of life, I am sure I can beat them all :)
thanx for lightening up my musical knowledge by introducing another arab musician to me.

I am sooooo pleased coz u liked the pictures sis.
u give me an idea I will have a handkerchief which I will wash and dry it in the sun, and keep it in a special place, and whenever I have a home sickness I will take it out to smell it, do u think that will help? or it will worse the scikness.

I was surprised when I found him on the rope, the trees where all around , why he chose the rope? that is when I conclude he was there waiting for me, to offer his special show :)
glad u liked the pcts.

walikum assalam
he wasn't annoying at all, but I was a little scarry when he get angry.
this one is cute enough ;)

abdu alshrief...
welcome in my humble space, I am honored by ur visit.
pleased u liked the pcts.

dusk till dawn...
if they r more than one, the show will be fantastic.
the static electricity don't ask me about it, it is in it's max in these few days coz the weather is warm and I still dress with heavy clothes.

this morning visitor brought two new visitors to my blog, 3rgobh jerrai ;)
welcome to my humble space.

yes just the same word was in my mind when I was taking the pcts, SOB7ANA ALLAH..
glad u liked my writing.

yes they are real, and they are existing, but they show up rarely.
than you for u.


Maya M said...

I liked this post very much.

MaySoon said...

How cute!! I loved ur visitor.. at the beginning I was like what the hell!..kind of same as "weldemdina".. but that only reflects how nicely you introduced the clothesline! hehhe

word verifications!? hate'em :p

Benghazi Citizen said...
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Benghazi Citizen said...

hello there
thank u for the nice comments on my blog..
I couldn't help smiling,so funny and nice post..
well,,good to know that we have the same fascination about dinasaurs,when i was a little kid ,i used to read all i can about them,watch documentaries and movies about them ,,drawing them..I remember that my art teacher in fourth grade took one of these drawings:)
i even memorized some of their names,which was not very usual for a libyan kid,lol
i like cameleons too,,alonge with most of present era reptiles exept for that yellow lizard(Abubrais)..brrr,it gives me the creeps.
Last thing:when ever i see a lizard ,a snake ,or a crocodile ,this question occurs to me:oh my God ,how does it feel to meet T-Rex(a 16 meters height on standing ,15 cm long sharp teeth) face to face??for God's sake that's a 4 floors building...but it would be great if you could see one from a SAFE DISTANCE..
obviously,one of my favorite movies is Hurassic Park..
Keep up the good work
and good luck with ur plans:)

LySpirit said...

I hate this guy ( the bukeshas, errrrrr ) :) . But i do like your postings's. so where ever you are just keep them rolling :)

Wesmosis said...

thanx for the post Dead

enlightened spirit said...

maya m...
glad u lked it maya.

yes he is cute :) I meant to introduce it this way for my grand grand grandchildren ;)

benghazi citizen...
hay how is ur study, shed 7eelk.

okey u go far beyond me in ur fasciantion with dinasours:) eventhough Jurassic park is one of my favouite too, and the yellow lizzard is one of my brrrrr too.
good luck in ur exam.

"I hate this guy ( the bukeshas, errrrrr ) :) . But i do like your postings's."

"thanx for the post Dead"
I assume that u meant dude NOT dead; if not I might be a real new version for Bruce Willis in sixth sense movie.

LoveLyH said...

تي وين لقيتيه هدا ماتقوليش تسكني في حوازه

تي باهي ماسحبكش بلسانه راهو كنهدا مصارلكش من سفرتك


Crowded Mind said...

oh my...I love this Bukeshash( chameleon)...are you keeping it at home ?
you are lucky with it
I remember that my aunt got one when i was kid i had a lovely time with it

Nice post
Fe aman Allah