Sunday, June 8, 2008

Giving up !!!

Why we humans find it so hard to gave up on things?
and that sometimes didn't apply only on "things " but extend to our relations with people.
N.B.: don't wonder about the relation of Sony Erricson mobile phone picture with the following bla bla bla, just continue reading and find out !!!
since my childhood as I guess most of you had have experienced friends separation, due to many causes, the most common cause for me was moving from one place to another.
and that kind of separation affected me deeply, I still remeber my chilhood best friend her name was SEKAB she was from Alsham, her parent were mixed arab one from Palestine and the other from Lebanon, or Jordan, I don't know exactly coz u know in childhood these origins doesn't matter at all, and still doesn't matter to me in my adulthood.
we spent our 1st six years of primary school together, it was only six years and my heart still sqeezing when I remeber the day when we had to leave our place to come back to Libya home for the last time, the separation was so painful, all the excitment of coming home couldn't sooth it, never met with her again ever since.
That even though was a normal life experience, but unfortunately it affected my all friendship later on, in fact I get along with people very easily, but have friends very scarcely, not because there is not much enough good people around, there are many, but I have that ever lasting fear of separation which keep pooping up his face in front of me.
but I realized later that having few friends is more worse coz ur loyality will be bigger and the relation will be deeper and having one of those few friends lost is a catastrophy, and it happened to me again about 4 years back, a cherished friend moved away!!!
but we survive at the end, that is the life.
what brought all this up is that I am still having, from time to time, that feeling of buzzeled scared soul, while I am waiting for the never ending process of my paper work to finish.
and reach the catastrophic moment of separation, and this time not from friends only but from brothers, relatives, friends, colleagues, a life !!!
Am I exaggerating ? it might be an exaggeration , but writing that makes me better.
back to my mobile, which was the main trigger for all this post, it was a good friend for more than five years , and never let me down, even now when I finally gave up and agree to change it, the problem was not because it bothered me, but because it started to bother my phone callers (is it right to say phone caller in English ?) in the last month, who had suffered an agony while trying to recognize my voice through a weired jamming sound, although I was hearing them clearly, what a loyal phone !!!
my Mom with my dear brother who were trying to help me geting over the love and loyality to my mobile phone, were really so brilliant to bring a phone which is very similar in it's shape and colors to my previous one and of course a Sony Erricson, and present it to me as a birth day gift yesterday, yes it was my day :)
which is might ( might in english reflect just a small possibility) be and only might be the real source of all this doom.
and yes my friends I feel much better now :) writing is always work for me.
this is my new toy:


abdullah SH said...

1stly happy birth day i know i say that 4 u more than 3 times bt according 2 d place ...
here 1st time ....

about friends when we lost contact `e him me to had same situation before & year by year i losted friend by friend ...
iam lucky in some cases cuz i got phone# or emails ..
& some of them coming to visit libya once evry 2 yr or more ...

thats life we faces alot of experinces from it bt believe me in d friendship the hardest thing when lost some of them not cuz traveling away or moving somwhere bt cuz he died ...then we feel lost ths friend forever bt when just lost contact `e him always thers space 4 hope 2 meet him someday !!!

finaly ths phone looks as w800 or updating version from it ...

believe me before iam big fan 4 sony ericsson bt `e nokia d life more easy 2 contact
(( connecting ppl ))...

a_akak said...

First & Foremost, I Wish you a VERY happy Birthday and may every year bring you more happiness and success in both your personal and professional life

Loosing people is apart of life, be it to death or separation for other reason anyway i am sure they feel the same and try keeping in touch by e-mail or facebook ... Our friends play a big role in carving our personalities and helping us become who we are today and that part is your relationship will never be lost ...

Sony Ericsson is a very good choice as I personally am a Sony Ericsson fan (over the years I have had around 14-16 SE hand sets lol) and they never let me down and the one you got is very durable

Fe Aman allah

dusk till dawn said...

salam birth day girl
a very happy birth day sis, wish all ur dreams comes true
regarding losing close friends or mates who u grow up with and share ur chilld hood its always u want to be close to u, but life is hard and departing frm them or leaving us is the beauty of life, try to chase them through freinds re united u might be lucky,
good luck, sooner u will leave to and some once close to u will miss dearly

enlightened spirit said...

Abdullah sh:
for more than three times thank u :) I appreciate ur efforts.
I know I know Abdu it is life, I just needed to un load some bad feelings, and it just worked.
yeah I agree with u death is the hardest to handle.
the phone is W810, and sorry but I am still a big fan for Sony Ericsson :)

thanx for ur nice wishes.
yeah friends have a significant role in shaping our personalities, I totaly agree with this idea,
I like ur idea that when a friend participate in carving u, he/she will never be lost coz his/her effect will always be there.
dear friends all around the world,thank u so much for making me being ME.
Sony Ericsson should have a new logo:
"Sony Ericsson NEVER let you down" loool...
I am a fan for it too.

dusk till dawn:
Ooh that was so sweet u left ur big party to wish me happy birthday.
but now go back man to ur party don't stay here, yes I am expelling u, if u don't go I will bring a stick to kick u out from the blogsphere, I don't want ot see u here, let's say for at least one month.
hahaha...just kidding we r so happy that we r not missing u dear friend, hope we will never do.

Crowded Mind said...

Happy birthday Girl
When I read your post I was wondering why she put those pics !! then I got it
oh sweety don't worry we all have the same problems
2 years ago one of my best friends at college left Libya suddenlt I didn't get the chance to say goodbye and take any mails or numbers

was really hard for me I miss that friend so much but what should I do Its life
so girl don't be sad I hate to see you by this way smile you got new mobile now

Happy Birthday again and again and try to be online

fe aman Allah

dusk till dawn said...

salam sis
i never knew that u hate me that much to hit me with a stick ha ha . our wedding its not till after 15th july , i am still in england, but if u do not appreciate me leaving a comments in ur blog i will take the hint woow .please if u want to expel me make sure its with a red card, ha ha . i lkie ur sense humour sis

ASMA said...

happy birthday ..i wish 2 u the best .well...pepole nowadays dont know much about frindship and whats it mean..ur 1 of little

mani said...

:) happy birthday dearest enlightened

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Enlightened Spirit,
I do hope all your dreams and wishes come true, inshallah.

Ok, I'm not going to go on and on about how that's life because honestly you know that already but that's not what you were FEELING, so no since going logical when one is feeling something. I know exactly how you feel. It is a sad feeling to have to be separated from those you care so much about. It's an emptiness that never seems to be replaced or refilled. I have the feeling although you may only keep a close network of "dear friends" next to you, that you select them very well and cherish them as rare gems.

Although the thought of parting must be so dreadful to you, remember you have family here as well.......ME AND AMIRA. ;-)

enlightened spirit said...

crowded mind...
it is the worest when u couldn't get email or phone numbers, hope it will not happen to u again.
don't worry about me, I am smiling back again, right after I put my ache on a post 1/4 of my bad feeling vanish, and another 1/2vanish with ur comments, the last 1/4 I need to work it out myself loool, not much.
I will try to be online again deary.

dusk till dawn...
u know ur comments are apreciated, do u need to hear that again, ok ,
ur comments are appreciated,
appreciated, appreciated :)

yea Asma , though I am blessed to have many of those around me who know what friendship mean, elhamdoAllah.

thank you so much.
and happy birthday to you too.

ur words always filled with wisdom, Allah bless u and amira.
yea I will never forget my extended family there :)

WEDA said...

really me 2 i don't think that i can change my old fashioned mobile phone.......but my friends told me if u hange it could be the change of ur life..! may be new people will call u?? may be ...any way u changed it so if u ge tany change n ur calls ...tell me may be i'll do 2....i'll not 4get...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..I WISH U THE BEST LUCK....

Lebeeya said...

Happy Birthday Enlightened :)
Mabrook on the new phone, it looks nice.

Hatem said...

Salam dear sister glad to read something new from u again and it was so deep and so touchy with happy ending thank again and again for sharing your moments with us i really become addicted to your way of writing u should become a writer, think about it ;), congratulation for your new mobile " I'm big fan of sonyericcsson too as well my 1st choice always" and you r lucky u just change your phone, I lost it in my Trip :( but i got new one.
so thank u again dear sister and my best wishes for u

Benghazi Citizen said...

i'm late ,as usual,,but HAPPY BIRTH DAY..
Separation is an awful thing...a mobile phone can remind you of it ,a depature ,a new life ,an old life...
you weren't were true...
Know this: Some times we have to do things that we hate ,simply because we have to...because there is no other way...
Best regards
and update us

Benghazi Citizen said...

Hello there
Thank you for stopping by..
I know what you meant ,and i've been ,still actually,going through it my self..A painful but necessary process..
About the exam..It was the Qualifying I actually...:)
Thank you dear friend for the wishes..
See you

Lebeeya said...

You need to update :-)