Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank you my friends

My departure was supposed to be yesterday !!! but for reasons out of my hands plans were postponed for another few days, Omy (my mom) says kol taa7'era , feha 7'era.
well, well, well, yes I was disappointed, but part of me was secretly happy coz I will have some more few days at home.
okey what bring me to blog in these busy days is to share with u the fun of one memorial day arranged by my dearest friends.
We went out for lunch, in fact I am a homy kind of person, and don't usually go out with the Girls, but this time with all the passion of leaving, I decided to accept the invitation, and really didn't regret it for even a second later.
the plan was that one of my dearest friends (miss class), will come to pick me up from my home, and we will pass by the hospital to wait for the others after they finish work, then we will go all together in two cars, to pick up another friend from her home.
the waiting at the hospital parking took longer than we expected, it was already 3:00 pm, and the girls didn't show up, so Miss class held her phone and started dialing their numbers to hurry them up, and here it was my funny shock...
her phone was supported with a pin to press the buttons!!!
when did she own that high tech mobile phone!!!?
I shouted at her why didn't u tell me u will buy this phone, u know I am the techy girl and you should had my opnion !!!
. .
take a closer look

. . and I though I am the one who cann't give up things.
she own a good car, and Versace sun glass, and this poor mobile ( she hold them together for her pride coz I told her I will blog about her mobile), I couldn't believe that her phone was actually still working, till I heard her talking to the girls through it.
after that we went all together to pick up our last friend and we head to the nearest photoshoper to take a picture together
. .

then to the main destination, as all of us were starving, the Chinese resturant


we thought we will go out of the resturant hungry, coz we weren't familiar with it's service and first time we try it, and for me actually the first time I try chinese food.
the hardest jop was to chose from the menu, we make the waitress suffer, but it was really her problem coz she didn't understand neither English nor Arabic, how can we help that.

.Each time we ask her about something in the menu, she open her mouth and stretch her hands for a moment as if she is going to explain it, then she hurry to the kitchen, and quickly comeback with a big smile on her face, and small dish in her hands, with the raw ingredient on it !!! ... the poor waitress ... but we didn't want to waste our money, we had to ask before ordering things , it was really a total fun..
but the good thing that the food was great

and delicious

a hopeless try with the sticks.



.and of course we didn't forget the sweets in another place near the chinese resturant

we couldn't believe that we still had a place for it, we rock all the diet rules

it was great fun, but every good thing has an end,
and the end was with a surprise gifts

Thank u my friends, that was really a perfect memorail day,and the two of you who couldn't make it, you were missed...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can I make it ???

The counting down started.

I supposed to start packing my luggage,

but I am afraid that I might cancel everything.

My room flooded with tears of fear and worry.

plz any body pass by these words , ur prayers are urgently reqired.

Can I really do this hard step ???

What am I doing ???

Did I lost my mind ???


the following was an sms from a friend, the sms helped me much in my hard times, I want to copy it here for myself, just in case if I went too down one day, it might help me up again :

كل منا قد استخار

والله سألنا أن يختار

وهو يعلم مكان الخير لكل واحدة منا !

فلنمضي فيما سهله الله لنا

وعليه فلنتوكل

ولنعلم أن طلب العلم كالجهاد وهو يشق على الأنفس

غير أن موعده الجنة

ولاتنال الجنة بالتمنى!

وقد اخترنا من بين الملايين لهذه المهمة

فلن نخاف ومعنا الله!

فهو حسبنا ومسهل أمورنا !

فعسى أن يجمعنا برحمته عنده في الجنة !!

Ameeen ya Fatema, thank u so much for these words


We were four girls going to the state for postgraduate study from our paediatric department, we all got the Visa and we were going to two different states, two in each, but we end up by only me going there, because of long stories, hope I will have the time one day to write about it.

now am I going to finish the road ???

Allah, the only one who know.

du3a people don't forget to make du3a for me.


benghazi citizen, Akrm, Asma, Leebeya, Abdallah, and any one else asked for an update here it is.

sorry ibeebarbie and any other reader who can't read arabic,.

Libyano be happy, my brothers will irta7 meni soon