Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can I make it ???

The counting down started.

I supposed to start packing my luggage,

but I am afraid that I might cancel everything.

My room flooded with tears of fear and worry.

plz any body pass by these words , ur prayers are urgently reqired.

Can I really do this hard step ???

What am I doing ???

Did I lost my mind ???


the following was an sms from a friend, the sms helped me much in my hard times, I want to copy it here for myself, just in case if I went too down one day, it might help me up again :

كل منا قد استخار

والله سألنا أن يختار

وهو يعلم مكان الخير لكل واحدة منا !

فلنمضي فيما سهله الله لنا

وعليه فلنتوكل

ولنعلم أن طلب العلم كالجهاد وهو يشق على الأنفس

غير أن موعده الجنة

ولاتنال الجنة بالتمنى!

وقد اخترنا من بين الملايين لهذه المهمة

فلن نخاف ومعنا الله!

فهو حسبنا ومسهل أمورنا !

فعسى أن يجمعنا برحمته عنده في الجنة !!

Ameeen ya Fatema, thank u so much for these words


We were four girls going to the state for postgraduate study from our paediatric department, we all got the Visa and we were going to two different states, two in each, but we end up by only me going there, because of long stories, hope I will have the time one day to write about it.

now am I going to finish the road ???

Allah, the only one who know.

du3a people don't forget to make du3a for me.


benghazi citizen, Akrm, Asma, Leebeya, Abdallah, and any one else asked for an update here it is.

sorry ibeebarbie and any other reader who can't read arabic,.

Libyano be happy, my brothers will irta7 meni soon


CrowdedMind said...

May Allah be with you Dr.ES
I know that you're brave and you can't give up at all
I'll pray for you ...
ربي يسخرلك كل شيء ان شاءالله

fe aman Allah

Libyano said...

I felt like you are going to Afganistan or something
chill out girl inshallah everything will be even better than you think

as the song says:
Don't worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy......

inshallah rabi ygadirlik kol kheer

PH said...

Don't worry it will all work out fine. You'll find a lot of people there ahead of you and they will all help you if you ever get stuck. Just stick to your studies and remember god in all your deeds and you'll be just fine ;).

salaam and Muafaka

Anglo-Libyan said...

I am sure all will be fine

Allah with you, good luck

WEDA said...

enshalalhkheer really ifelt at first as f u going 2 don't woory every thing will b ok enshalah...

Benghazi Citizen said...

I always tell my self(It is the way God want it to be that we make the choice)
and you make the right one dear friend...
your tears are justified,because you are leaving a life behind ,and starting a new one filled with hard work ,ambition ,dreams and sacrifices..
you had to make many choices ,of which some were hard ,and some were heart breaking ,but all were necessary..
I pray that things will be fine..
Think of those who you leave ,and think of the life ahead of you..These will give the omentum to go on..
Be well

abdullah SH said...

Realy deeply touchd post i understand ur fears dr bt believe me evrything wll b ok jst beginig b hard bt after tht u wll comfortable 'e new situatn at least u now dr smarty 'e good basic n eng friend b4 go 2 canada 'e jst 17yrs old &dnt know any eng word bt now "many friends from all d wrld & prof n eng ... So dnt worry my sis d future open his arms 2 u ... We do3a 4 u sis ... Tc

a_akak said...

Insha Allah it will all go well, you just twaklee alaa allah and insha allah it will all go well and i pray that your move will be fruitful and i hope to hear about your success and I know how you feel but be strong

Fe Aman Allah

Anonymous said...

You are bound to feel how you're feeling, but look at the whole experience as a challenge and one big adventure!

Bil Toufeeq InshaAllah

Fe Aman Allah

libyan said...

Good luck, and may Allah guide you to find the right way for yourself.

ASMA said...

Rربي يوفقك ويسهلك سفرك ... ما خاب من استشار واللة غير من نستشير فامضي بما سهلة لك اللة ولاتحزني فاللة خير رفيق .....ربي يطمنى عليك ونسمعوا عليك كل خير ... ما تقطعيش اخبارك علينا ...

ASMA said...
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Khalid said...

أتمنى لك النجاح و التوفيق و التميز و الإمتياز و الوصول إلى أعلى المراتب في الدنيا و الآخرة, و ان شاء الله ديما من حسن الى أحسن.

MusicLover said...

Can I make it???

Look at the other female Libyan bloggers who are living abroad, if they can make it so can you.

Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis - Bright Lights, Big City

This site very helpful for you. Choose the city you live.

Choose the city you will be in & you will find locals blogging about the city you live in.

Wish you luck & do not end up a typical coach potato whining Arab (Majority are)

Alicia Keys - As I Am - SuperWoman

As for your previous post, my second daughter went through the same experience you had. It amazes me how a long time friendship still affects a person in older age.

Do not be shy to ask for help from Americans as they are very helpful "I assume you are going to USA"

Bon Voyage Doctor

Gheriani said...

God bless you and guide you to the right path.

Hatem said...

dear sister, i came late like always :) so i found nothing left to say just wishing u good luck and the best , back to us safe and big Doctor may Allah be with u in all your steps

take good care of your self, tell next time

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Enlightened Spirit,
So sorry to come upon your post so late, but please know I'm praying for you. I can only imagine how you must be feeling and what you must be going through. I can't wait to her of your courageous adventure. You are a survivor and will go through this experience brilliantly. (big hug)