Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hiiiiiii from the Pacific Ocean !!!

My head still connected to my trunk!!!
and I can freely move my limbs...
still able to hear the birds...
easily watch my parents...
softly touch the roses...
and smell the breezes...
I am here to announce:
I arrived here safely
my soul still imprisoned in my body!!!
p.s.: the pictur is fresh, I just captured it few minutes back.


nasimlibya said...

enjoy as u can with fresh air &don't think about any thing just relax with nature sounds

Gheriani said...

Good luck and best wishes. The picture reminds me of the Puget Sound area and the Olympic Mtns, in State of Washington.

WEDA said...

good luck enshalah.....i wish u the best......just keep in touch withus..........enjoy ur time

abdullah SH said...

7amdellah 3ala el salama dr ... Hardest moment now from d past ... Start ur chalenge ... allah & we 'e u ... Best thing ur dad &mam 'e u ... So u dnt need more than tht ... Keep updating ur news ... Salam sis

abdullah SH said...

7amdellah 3ala el salama dr ... Hardest moment now from d past ... Start ur chalenge ... allah & we 'e u ... Best thing ur dad &mam 'e u ... So u dnt need more than tht ... Keep updating ur news ... Salam sis

Benghazi Citizen said...

That's a great news dear friend..
Wish things to be just as planned and even better..
I really wish you the best of luck and May Allah take your hand through it all..
Best wishes and deepest prayers

Good Girl said...

welldone my friend. Alhamdullah ala assalam, finally u r there. waiting for ur call......take care.


dr.butterfly said...

al-hamdo lillah 3ala al-salamah!!
wishing you all the best of luck that awaits for you...
that was just a beautiful picture, inshaa allah all your days are filled with beauty and joy!

take care, and sweet stay at where ever you are!!:)

dusk till dawn said...

so happy u made it, and hope u will enjoy the rest of ur study. i know the few months will be hard to adjust ur self, but iam sure ur a strong girl to make it worth while ,hope allah will protect and quide u all the way, the poem was gr8, specialy wt the the pacific ocean dreams, take care Dr ES. and yes the issue was the visa and the henna ha ha for the finger prints for my wife but now she got in a week ,thank allah for that,

enlightened spirit said...

I am trying my best to enjoy before start my course, thanx for passing by.

u keep astonishing me, by recognizing the places by just one look, yes it is the state of Washington.
do u know all the places in the world?

thanx for ur wish, I will try to keep in touch.

Allah yslmek.
yes I wish if I can keep my parent with me, I don't need more than that, but is that possible? I hope so.
thanx for ur supporative words.

benghazi citizen:
yes my dear friend I made it.
things are going fine so far elhamdoAllah.
keep me in ur prayers plz, I need them most.

good girl:
my deary , will call when I settle down, my place is transient, why I can't catch u on the net?
catch u soon

Allah ysalmek.
I am impressedd ... u go along my old posts and u comment along, while reading, I read all ur comments coz I direct the comment in my blog to my email, so I don't miss any ... really glad coz u liked my posts ... thank u so much for ur nice encouraging words.
about Abdallah , he is an orphan, so he has no parents, actually no one know his parent, and unfortunately till I left Libya he is still in living in the hospital, there is a good family want to adopt him, but coz of some problem in the paper, the adoption process delayed.
I wish if u join our prayer for him, sur u already do :).
thanx againg and best wishes for u too in ur study.

dusk till down:
our groom is here ya welcome ya welcome.
I really need this encouraging words, I appreciate it so much.
I wish u and ur bride united soon, I guess it coz some of my colleage had similar trouble, glad it had passed and u will be together this week, hope u will have magnificent life full of happiness and sucess.

hatem said...

Alhamdullah 3la assalam, dear sister glad u arrived safely to the US land i hope we will hear from you about your experience there soon
may Allah be with you, and good luck

PH said...

Alhamd illah 3ala Salmtek wa muafaka in your studies :).


CrowdedMind said...

thanks Allah that you are oki

Keep us updating about every thing
Feaman Allah

mani said...

hehehehe :D

beltawfeeq you :)

LoveLyH said...

Good luck and best wishes..
i missssssssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
my mobile miss you Toooooooooo
You know that i want more photos to ur trip..
emm,more photos..ya bent yallah

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Miss jane said...