Sunday, August 24, 2008

scratches about my trip.

ahhhhh ... finally I am updating, I always wanted to update, but I don't know, I think there is no baraka in time here at all !!!

many funny things happen to anyone who travel to a new place for the first time, I will share some of mine here in this post and in the upcoming posts, but hay people don't make fun of me, I am sure everyone have his share.

Our trip was fine, I was afraid that troubles will arise coz I used the KLM airline, but luckily everything went smooth, and even I can say perfect, we had transit at Amsterdam, and we spent one night in the airport, at a Hotel, which was actualy a luxury stay.

the airport is huge and very well organized, and unexpectedly I didn't got lost in it, I used to get lost in huge places,there were signs every where to direct you.
when I get off the first plane to Schiphol airport, I noticed that most the passengers was heading to fine touch screens, and doing something on the screen, and then leave it, I wondered what they are doing, but I didn't give that much attention, my target was to find the Hotel, coz the reservation we made will be cancelled within an hour, and after I found it, we put our luggage, and went out to discover the place, and I approached that screen, I start to follow the instructions and end up chosing a seat in the next plane, and of course the best seats was already taken, it is good that I could find three seats next to each other, so we will not be scattered in the next long flight, WHY NO BODY TOLD ME ABOUT THIS, THEN I AM A GOOD READED, WHY THAT WASN'T MENTIONED ON THE KLM WEBSITE ??? but Allah was there for me, & inspired me to check the screen out of curiosity, in the right time.

I couldn't imagine that, we would have been in scattered seats if I had not approached that fine touch computer screen in the right time.

the long flight went smooth, I enjoyed the collection of the movies, the music and the games on the private screen , I didn't finish the story I borrowed from my deary missclass, didn't have enough time to finish it actually.

I had some good naps, the food choices was okey, the service in general was nice, and we landed safely.

we finished with the officer at the port of entry, which took some time, but not too long, the officer was funny, he was kind of in hurry coz we landed at lunch time, but he treated us well.

after we finish we collect our luggage ( which was in perfect condition, and nothing lost, although they weren't locked, as the rule prevent us from locking it as we are travelling to the united state ) and we entered the state , I thought it will so bad coz no one is actually waiting for us there, I do have some friends there but they are not close one , then I didn't want to bother anyone, and tried my best from Libya home to make it easier, therfore I had reserved a place at a hotel, and reserved even the car which will take us to the hotel, it is a kind of Taxi but not the regular Taxi, it is a shared ride van from the Shuttle express, I recommend it for any one want a ride, to or from the airport in the united state ( don't know if it is available in all the states ) ,and things went as I arranged, we find the van waiting for us, and it took us to our hotel, and things wasn't bad at all, the other thing which I though will happen , but it didn't is the cultural shock, there was no cultural shock, or there might be one, but in a reverse way, will try to talk about that in my upcoming posts.

just one more thing before I leave, I would like to mention that all those arrangment were accomplished with the help of one new friend of mine, who I want to introduce for all of you.


"he" is my closest friend these days, without him I would have definitely get lost.


hatem said...

dear sister thanks to Allah u arrived safely with no problems during your trip which i wish the same in the hall of your life glad u can communicate with us i'm waiting for your new post to keep us informed about your life there my best wishes for my dear sister and take good care of your self

WEDA said...


hatem said...

oops ! hi again your friend weda remind me that i forgot to wish u happy Ramadan i know it's hard to spend Ramadan alone but i wish happy Ramadan any way for u and for u weda for reminding me and for all the Muslim world

enlightened spirit said...

dear brother, thanx for being always there reading my posts, don't let me miss ur supporative words, Ramadan Mubarek for u too.
and just a small notice, I am luckily not alone, my parents are with me, I could say that I am blessed because of this.

Salaam , thank u weda, although u are young but have a great mature mind, be as u are always.
Ramadan mubarek, and wish u all the success in both ur personal and professional life.

Khalid said...

Alhamdulellah 3assalama dear doctor, glad you made to the states :)
You know, when you remember Allah in ease, He “remembers” you in difficulty.

“أعرفوه في الرحاء, يعرفكم في الشدة"

Many times I study a subject out of curiosity, subject that teachers don’t usually ask about, and students normally pass by, and guess what?, I find myself being asked about it in the exam!, and my answer to that question is what rescues me and causes me to get high marks..

I am sure it happens to you as well, Allah does inspire us to do things for our benefit, no doubt..

No wonder the internet became your best friend there, I heard the connection in the states is so speedy that you enter the address and before you blink the page is completely loaded in front of you, LOL, of course, it is their game after all..

Remember, it is an achievement to make it to the states, but the greater and more valuable achievement is definitely getting a certificate from there, do your best, and Allah and you good friends will always be there for you.

Muaffaka, and Ramadan Mubarak wa kreem.

abdullah SH said...

I know dr i repeated my self these period infront of u evrywhere like " el'7obza elyabsah " bt wht can say tht's ur spirit ... Thanx allah 4 u reach savely & also ur parents ... 'e good eng & talented person no more difficulties ... Me 2 fall in love 'e net sience few yrs ... Ramadan karem sis ... Realy TMC missed u ... Salam

ASMA said...

allhamdalla allh aslama ...
i wish 2 u the best luck ..enjoy ur time and sutady hard .raby maعk

Benghazi Citizen said...

Hello there
Glad you had such a good flight ..
I noticed the same thing when i was in Toronto for 2 months..I mean,,it seems that time DOES fly there..A lot of things to do and no time to do them...
I totally agree with ur observation about the cultural shock..There wasn't any..
Actually,in 2 days i became a part of the rush hour ,and i absorbed many habbits quite fast...perhapse the reason is that i was very busy to enjoy the luxury of cultural shock..I believe this is the case with u too..
Keep us updated dear friend
have a good time
bless you

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Enlightened Spirit,
Forgive me dear one as apparently I've had my head in the clouds. What a lousy American for not welcoming you the moment you landed or at best had a huge sign flying just as you were getting ready to land to see the welcoming.

So delighted to know you made it safely and soundly, alhamdullilah.

If I can be of any assistance to you, please do not hestitate to let me know.


د.محمود عبدالخالق said...

حظ وفير يارب
كان الله في عونكِ
لتأتي السيده كريمة الفاسي لتري كيف هي أخلاق بناتنا و أخواتنا الليبيات في الغربهبدل أن ترميهم بالطوب وتطالب بعدم إرسالهن للخارج

وفقك الله يا أخيتي

dusk till dawn said...

salam Dr ES ( flying duch lady)
happy arriving the month of ramadan.
iam so pleased to made safe to ur destination , and now ur settling down wt ur study and family to, u did realy well to go through all that, u must be proud of ur self, i to flown the KLM to libya and back , in the way back i have to scan my passoprt and ticket to get ur next flight how easy it was, to do all that at once, good luck with ur study

Good Girl said...

Hi Deary:

Sorry for my late reply I was doing a week of nights and just woke up LOL. Any way Alhamdullah ala assalam and all the best for you and ur parents there.

Make sure u donot get urself stressed at at
all and remember Allah in every minute and remember that u r closer to Allah now bcoz u r in Jehad trip....give me a ring if u need any thing..even if just wanna hear my

Allah bless you darling.


PH said...

Ramadan Mubarak :).


a_akak said...

Asalam Alykum

Ramadan Mubarik & May Allah Bless you and your family and forgive our sins, past, presnet and future


Fe Aman Allah

PS: its good to hear that u r doing well

CrowdedMind said...

Salaaaaaaaaaaam Girl
Ramadan Mubarek

KLM ohhhh its the best Airlines you reminded me of many things I had in it

keep us in contact please

fe aman Allah

Benghazi Citizen said...

happy anmd blessed ramadan for you and ur family dear friend

enlightened spirit said...

glad u r here u again.
yes it always happen with me too, elhamdoAllah.
yes the internet connection is so fast here, but what surprised me is that it got disconnected too often.
yes without a certificate, it is not an achievment at all, but as I know it is too hard, and most ppl fail, and I know I might be under the most ppl category, I was strssing myself to the limit that before I got here I was about to cancel everthing, but then I decided to just do my best and try ot enjoy this opportunity, eitner if I succeded or if I ... succeded :)
will do my best and rely on Allah and what did he plan for me.
ramadan Kareem

abdullah ...
even if u repeated urself a hundred times, it will always tastes like a 7'obza taza wa s7'ona.
have u been in TMC lately? misssss that place.
Ramadan kareem.

thanx for ur heartening wards , raby m3ak too in ur study.
Ramadan Kareem.

benghazi citizen ...
hi my friend, always nice to see u here.
the cultural thing I think Europe is much developed and concerned with how things look, than Canada and the state, that is why I think there is no cultural shock, don't know, I am still discovering ... ot might be as u said we are too eager to see this kind of life, that and we know alot about it, so nothing surprised us.

update us about ur exam results, my friend.

Ramadan Kareem.

don't worry deary, the American ( at least in my place ) where very welcoming and hospital, so they have done everthing.
and sure will contact u , if I felt I needed.

Ramadan Kareem.

hugs back.

محمود عبدالخالق ...
مرحبا بك في مدونتي المتواضعة,سعيدة لاطراءك, واتمنى منك زيارات متكررة.
وبارك الله فيك واكثر الله من أمثالك.

dusk till dawn...
Ramadan kareem, thanx for ur comments.
about KLM, has a bad reputation, that is why I was surprised to have a great flight.
yes it is so easy and simple when u know it before hand.
have a great new life and happy Ramadan.

good girl:
I know ur hard work, I don't blam u at all, I was so glad of ur call that day, thank u so much deary.
have a great Ramadan, and Allah bless u always.

ph ...
Ramadan nmubarek for u too.

walikum assalam wara7mat Allah wa barkato
long time no see here
Ramadan mubarek for u and ur family.

crowded minded ...
Salaam deary
have a happy and blessful Ramadan.
will update as much as I can.

bengazi citizen ...
hi again dear friend
have a great blessful Ramadan around ur family too.

dr.butterfly said...

it was nice to read that you have had a nice and smooth trip, without complications!
due to the internet, things do become easy! i'm glad you found your way around... cultral shocks don't really happen much often now, i'm guessing it's the internet and the t.v that give us a hint and let us feel a lill of wat we are going to expect!!
i was born in canada and lived there for about 9 years. and when i moved to saudi arabia i had a major cultural shock, literlly i was gonna lose my mind. my dad is a doctor (pediatrition) and he got scared..bas al-hamdo lillah, god made me accept that world "even though i still don't like it" other than the haram! ... but that was long back ofcourse!
now globalization is making almost all the cities in the world very similar to eachother!!!

can't wait to read more...and wishing you an enjoyable and wonderfull stay!

take care our little angel...!

dr.butterfly said...

almost forgot to wish you a happy ramadhan you and your kind family!!


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