Sunday, October 12, 2008

'Life is a journey..not a destination...'

I received these pictures by email. I understand that the idea of this kind of emails might be hackneying for some of you, but for me they always act as a source of enlightenment.
also I am right now, and in this particular period of my life, I feel exactly the same like the cute snail in these picturs so I thought it worths sharing .
When someone tells you that you can't do something ...
Look around ...

Consider all options ...

Then go for it !

Use all the things Allah gave you !

Be creative !

In the end, you will succeed and prove them wrong !

Isn't she cute ???!
Always remember
'Nothing is impossible, if your heart is willing'


a_akak said...

As the saying goes "When There is a Will There is a Way"

Subhan allah, that even these small creatures have been given the means to survive

As for you, Be strong and insha allah we hear very good news about you

Fe Aman Allah

Weldemdina said...

I reiterate and say “Subhan Allah” , I always like watching nature documentary programs as I find it fascinating watching all sort of creatures , and how they live in their surrounding environments and how they cope and survive , humans should take a leaf from these creatures and learn , thanks for sharing these amazing photos.

Gheriani said...

Wonderful, if snails can be creative and improvise, we still have hope. Best regards.

nasimlibya said...

سبحان الله ان لله في خلقه شؤون
ربي يسخر للمخلوقات سبل العيش والتنقل وكل شئ
فعلا هذه اللقطات الاكثر من معبرة الخلاقة المبدعة تصور لا شئ مستحيل فقدرة الله فوق كل مستحيل
ربي يوفقك رسالتك وصلت بطريقة اكثر من رائعة
ربي يحفظك

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Enlightened Spirit,

Here, here---concur with the others. Truly love the subject of the post----can't think of any other words that would make it so clear.

Benghazi Citizen said...

very nice indeed..i loved the pictures ....
Actually i wonder about the photographer...he waited,he sawe some thing that most of us wouldn't even be intrested inseeing..and he/she shared us some thing incredible
Thank you dear friend
Best regards

WEDA said...

i can't belive i tit's wonderful.............i like it so much....subhan allah

abdullah SH said...

iam enjoyd `e meaning of pic more thn pic itself " sub7an allah " always thrs place 4 " hope " just need faitful 4 do tht ...

do well sis in ur journey ...


dr.butterfly said...

the pictures are really amaizing!!! ver very meaning full!
thank you sweety for sharing them with us... makes you feel modivated!!!!

MusicLover said...

The green color of the photos is beautiful.

S.S.Ali said...

سبحان الله اذا كان هذا المخلوق الصغير قادر ان يتخطى العقبة اللي قدامه فما بالك بالبشر اللي اكرمهم الله و فضلهم عن بقية الخلق. الحمد لله و هذا رسالة منك لكل شخص حتى يستمر و يثابر لان طريق النجاح و الوصول للمبتغى يحتاج للمثابرة شكرا و فعلا حيبقى مثال راح نحكيه لكل اصدقائي طبعا بعد اذنك