Friday, December 19, 2008

A morning stroll and my miraculous story

A squirrel wishing me good morning:

my endless road

my favourite tree at the park

I don't know what they call this in English, but in arabic it is called Za3ror Sanfary زعرور سنفري
Okey, I really don't know what they call this neither in English, nor in Arabic

Snooow !!!

a closer view for my tree

Here is my miraculous story:
I don't know exactly what happened? may be the touch of the snow, the freezing temperature, pelting my friends with snowballs and swinging on the swing at the park, the peaceful morning stroll in the wild nature, being abroad , or may be all these together worked to take my mind back to my ancient childhood ... and whenever those memories pass, it is inevitable for the picture of my favorite friend's face, to pop up on the screen ...

Yes, SEKAB the girl which I talked about her once before, here in this post. At that time I never imagined that after just few months I will write another whole post about her.

I always believed that nothing is impossible in this life, and what happened with me was just another evidence piled up to strengthen this belief.

More than twenty years passed from the last time we were together in Hungary, and since then we never got the chance to be in contact, by any means.
Few days back while I was purposelessly browsing the internet just to distract myself from the boring study, and with all those memories which was triggered by the snow, it suddenly dawned on me to google her name.I tried many possible English spellings for her name, and I ended up with few facebook profiles, and here is the rest of the story :

Enlightened Spirit

December 12 at 8:04pm

I don't know if I am knocking the right door or not, but it worth a try. I have a childhood friend since my days in Hungary her name is Sekab ***** *****. If I am in the right direction, and u r Sekab, I would like to catch up with u. Waiting eagerly for ur answer.I will tell u all my personal information , and will show u pictures if u r really Sekab which I am looking for.Salaam


December 15 at 4:30am

yes its me Sekab **** *****, can u at least give me a name? I had so many friends there so I need to know who r u?

Enlightened Spirit

December 15 at 7:37am

Oh my God , this facaebook is Great I am E**** E******, ur classmate from 2nd grade primary school to the 6th grade primary school, I think we were more than classmate.I wonder if u still remember me :) 22 years passed that is unbelievable, isn't it ?

December 19 at 9:22am
ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddddddddd E**** ,the last person i was expecting it to be is u since its been such a long time ,we used to sit on the same bench and ur mom was a teacher and all ur brothers and sisters names starts with the letter (A) in arabic right ???? u were always the first of the class and i used to be the second listen pls stay in touch ,i moved to a new house and i do not have internet connection yet so i might be late with my replys so do not worry ,tell me more about ur self and what r u up to these days?

Those were the messages which we exchanged through facebook in the last few days .
Told you ;)


Monday, December 8, 2008

Eid Adha Mubarek

Although in this time of the year and in this particular place of the planet earth, the weather is supposed to be typical northwest cloudy rainy kind of weather, we were blessed that the bashful sun was generous enough to let us enjoy some of her beautiful shiny rays.
This is the place where Eid Aladha prayer was held today's morning at Lynnwood, Washington.
We arrived early and I thought this palce is too big for us, but for my surprise as the time went on the place was overcrowded, and turned to be too small for us, specially the place which was prepared for women, many of them hardly found a place to stand for the prayer.

Thank you for all of you who remebered me in this day by any mean phone call, email, offline messages, facebook or blogger comments, or even if I just passed by in your thoughts .
For you in specific, and for anyone else pass here by chance, accept my warmest greetings
Eid Mubark
may the guidence and blessings of Allah always be with you and your family...