Saturday, February 28, 2009

Take a deep breath...
Listen carefully...
What do you hear?

I hear
The dryer's machine hums.
A car's engine rumbles while it passes in the nearby street.
A tapping steps, most probably of a high heel shoes, a person walking in the passageway underneath my window.
What else?
A sigh from ..."me"
There are some other unrecognizable sounds that I can feel, but it's hard for me to describe in words.
I almost forgot…The clicking of the keyboard bottons while I am typing these words.
So...stop for a moment and tell us or just just keep it for yourself…

What do you hear?


Weldemdina said...

I could hear the background music of Wii game that my son is playing downstairs, I hear faintly the traffic nearby, I could hear the sound of the pop ups stopper in my laptop..and last but least I could hear the clicking sound of the keyboard keys under my fingers .. :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Enlightened Spirit,
I hear the never-ending blathering of SpongeBob Square Pants and the sound of doves cooing in my backyard.

Meme said...

"I hear nothing, not a sound on the city streets, just the beat of my own heart"
your question reminded me with this line from a movie named "you've got mail" which i simply adore!

may said...

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Enlightened Spirit said...

Thanx for being faithful for my blog :)
thanx for being here always
regards to ur son.
be well

Dear ibee, expect an email from me, asking for ur phone number soon. I hope that will not bother u.

yeah that movie is one of my favourite too.
thanx for passing by, u r kindly requested to repeat ur visit :)

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S.S.Ali said...

I hear the beautiful music of run away song,from the corrs " forgiven, not forgotten" album.

ah one more thing.... when I stopped the music from playing, I could hear the sound of my PC's fan,
It has been singing loudly these days, yeah very

Thank you for this nice post.

naohama said...

I hear poetry throbs from what you wrote.
Keep it up

Benghazi Citizen said...

right now ,i'm listening to a bird out side the window,who keeps saying some thing to another bird near by..
i wander what are they saying to each other??
thank you for making us think of this dear friend..
be well

Enlightened Spirit said...

I apologize for my late reply,
but better late than never right?

S.S.Ali ...
Oh! The Corrs are one of my favorite too.
change ur fan before u regret it :)

Naohama ...
thank you. It is an honor to have such an opinion from u.
I will keep it up as long as people like you read it and give me a constuctive feedback.

Benghazi Citizen ...
do u really wander about what have being said?
I think u just need to keep listening and u will recognize their coo and twitter, and in a short while u will whisper something back to them, and they will not be surprised :)

thank you my friends for passing by.

dr.butterfly said...

hi there enlightend spirit...!

it's bee a while, but i'm back and i enjoyed all your posts... i may have not commented on all of them... but i wat you to know i liked 'em all!! thank you!!

and for this post... it was trully beautifull..
... i hear my brothers laughing far in the guest room breaking my silence, of the continouse rorring of the fish tank in my room... and the tapping of my fingers on the keybord as they race to find the letters to let you know.. that your friend the butterfly was hear and she enjoyed your post sooo very much... and that she can't wait to read more.. :)


dr.butterfly said...

i forgot... thank you again, for reminding us to stop and listen... there is more to hear than what the ear can hear!
you can hear alot if you allow your soul to listen...!

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