Friday, March 20, 2009

Is Seattle really the rainy city?

Nothing can help like a breath of a fresh slight breeze, on a quiet beach, when someone's nerves are on the edge...

It seems that this space of mine has been abandoned lately. I thought today that it merits some attention. To tell that time shortage was the cause for this desertion, wouldn't be entirely accurate. Writing was always and will continue to be a sort of like breathing to me. So let's say that I'm either getting other ways to respire, or I'm not giving myself the room to breathe properly. Anyway whichever is the truth; here I'm apologizing for the faithful visitors of this page, and trying to rebuild the "rapport" I once had with this corner of mine.

A lot of things are happening lately; their rhythms sometimes seem to be more rapid than what I used to be capable to follow. And I dropped off the beats a couple of time, but I managed to stand up and harmonize with the upcoming beats of the next rhyme.

I have joined the school Journal lately and participated in one edition. It is not a serious writing, just for fun, and I'm enjoying it. However I'm not sure that I can continue in it, for it needs some sort of commitment. And I'm the queen of "disavowal" when it comes to things that I do for fun, so let's just wait and see.

The Journal club is really good place to unwind from the overwhelming study atmosphere that I started lately. It's a self-study program in which you are required to spend about 6 hours a day, for a period of 7 to 9 months; these hours are just the requirement. In fact I need much more than this to really cover the materials on time. This was not a surprise for me, I already know about this before I came here; though things feel different when you start it. People have always been the main source of motivations for my work and study; unfortunately in this program I am trapped in my desk alone, stuck just with my books and DVDs. Of course there are people studying in the same lab, but they gave you the impression of being unapproachable, they either seem to be haughty or dead. May be I look the same! but I'm not aware of it!
Yet, this was just my first few days, I am sure I will have a different opinion in a couple of weeks…at least I hope so.

Last but not least, about these pictures, which as it's evident weren't captured in a perfect time, no sunset (my favorite moment), or sunrise (my second favorite time); for the reason that it wasn't taken on a planned trip. The story is that last week I had a test. And on the noon and the evening before the test day, I don't usually study. Therefore to loosen up my stretched nerves, and to lighten up the stress, I went out for a walk in the vicinity, and capriciously I wind up taking a bus to its last stop. Of course, completely aware of where it was going -thankfully I still have a sane thinking- and I end up rewarding myself with some free moments of leisure.

That's all for today.
Thank you.
Hope You Have Enjoyed This Walk With Me