Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring in UW

The pictures were taken by the camera of my mobile. I aplogize for their poor quality. Just wanted to share the spectacular views with you, hope that you will enjoy them.


S.S.Ali said...

Salamo 3licom

as usual I'm the first.... where are you competitors??!!

I will be back....

Nasimlibya said...

wooooow woooow
الطبيعة و سحرها و جذبيتها و رقتها

يعني سبحان الله

اكيد استمتعتي بالهواء العليل
يارب دائما هكي وتتحفينا معاك بروائح الربيع عن بعد

ف امان الله

Motherland said...

Really it is nice pictures, thank you so much Dr. ,it is like region, I remember in Libya, may be it is Jdaim (جدايم ),so I think.

Best regardS

S.S.Ali said...

hello again

very nice pictures, i liked them all, you're a good photographer. can i ask you ?? have you got in photographing course?? I'm just kidding of

thank you we really enjoyed...


Enlightened Spirit said...

Walikum assalam , glad u have liked the photos. Next time I should prepare a prize for the first visitors ,,, lol.

نعم سبحان الله...
طول مافيه نسائم تمر وتترك مثل هالكلمات المنعشة راح تستمر تدويناتي.
في حفظ الله

long time no see here in my space.
my pleasue to know that u liked the photos.. thanx for passing by.

NuNa said...


may said...

ما شاء الله لا قوة الا بالله

طبيعة خلابة صورت من خلال عدستكى لنا فى اجمل صورة

دمتى مبدعة

وخيتك مى

MusicLover said...

The pictures were taken by the camera of my mobile. I aplogize for their poor quality. Just wanted to share the spectacular views with you, hope that you will enjoy them.

I have a question why didn't you take photos with your camera besides your mobile phone and post it on your blog. Sorry I have to say your excuse is not acceptable specially UW campus is very beautiful and as a reader of your blog I expect a better experience through your lens. If you were in Libya, then you have an excuse because of the police harassing you, not in Seattle.

The photos by your mobile phone are great but when you resize them for blog they loose their beauty.

Amadou & Mariam - Je pense a toi

من أجلهم وأجلنا said...

Enlightened Spirit

نتمنى ان تشاركونا أسبوع التدوين دعما للحملة الوطنية للتبرع بالأعضاء
ولمزيد من المعلومات يُرجى زيارة الرابط

dr.butterfly said...

hi there e.s!!!
mashaa allah, what a wonderfull post my dear...! i really liked the pictures... beautifull very nice captuering...!!

and you say it's from your mobile phone, don't apolagize they were great... mashaa allah!!

take care my friend and i'm glad to see you happy!!!


dr.butterfly said...

i thought i'd let you know... that i saved the pic of the daysies.. i just really liked it... i hope you don't mind...! i couldn't help myself you are such a good photogpher!!

thank you!!

Enlightened Spirit said...

Nuna & May ...
Thank u both.

u have all the right to say what u have said. I know my excuse is not accepted, but may be if u know that I don't have my camera u will be more compassionate. I had to give it up if I want to keep myself updated with videos and pictures from my family back home.
I am trying to have another one with the same extraordinary quality of my old one. Till then sorry but u all have to suffer observing these bad quality photos, coz I am not going to stop taking pictures merely coz I don't have a good camera.
thanx for the link, u really deserve the name MusicLover for this diverse taste of music.

من أجلهم وأجلنا ...
لنا وقفة في زمن ومكان أخريين.

Thank u , u have all the right to keep whatevr photo u like. The moment I put them here, I give up the right to keep them private for just myself.

Thank u all ..