Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The study is keeping me away from this place, but every once in a while I keep a passion to come back here. That passion which push me to type some few words, sometimes meaningful words, sometimes not, but in one way or another it gives me a kind of fulfillment, which I can't find in any other place.
The study is going fine, six hours in the morning at the study center then back home to take some rest and open the on-line materials to continue the torturing jouney. Ok, this is not moaning, it is jsut a description of what am I going through. This was my choice and I respect my choices, but there is always part of me which is skeptic and try to play the cynical voice in my life. And from time to time this part starts to moan and complian. I managed to turn this voice off with logical and rational reasoning. And whenever I fail to do so, I give it the space to carry out it's creativity. I let it drive me in it's crazy plans. So far they aren't that crazy, actually I am enjoying them. They either indoor or outdoor activities. Although these activities eat up some of my precious time, they do give me extra boost of energy to let me continue this hard path which I drew for myself.
In this post I would like to have a stop and say thank you for my parents, family, and friends who have been so supporative lately. Special thanx to Miss Class my best friend back home, I am so grateful for your supportive phone calls.
Also I would like to thank the small Libyan community around me here, for everyone who keeps checking on me, and special thanx to the couple who were generous enough to send me that extraordinay dish which I include it's picture in this post,. They have been blessed with a babyboy lately , inshAllah he will be from assalheen. And the biggest appreciation goes to my friend and her husband who both keep checking on me regularly on everyday bases either by a visit or a phone call. I don't need to say her name, she knows herself.
Everyday I thank ALLAH for surrounding me with such a wonderful people. Wherever I go he grants me with these kind of soul-lifting highly spiritual kind of people. I ask Allah to give me the power and strength to continue in this battle, and keep myself up to meet their expectations.
Now I invite u all to share with me this delicious traditional Libyan dish of Couscous, feel like home :)

To have a similar experience in people as mine keep this Doaa with you
اللهم اني أسألك حبك وحب من أحبك وحب عمل يقربني الى حبك , اللهم ما أعطيتني مما أحب فاجعله قوة لي فيما تحب وماذويت عني مما أحب فاجعله فراغا لي فيما تحب.
by the way "Ayham" is the name of the babyboy :)


Anonymous said...

... not too bad, really - of writing, how you felt, learning and the people around you, Alhamdullilah !

Thanks for sharing and the doa !

S.S.Ali said...

salamo 3licom

don't worry E spirit, your words are always meaningful and we learn a lot not just from your thoughts but also from your English .... really everything in your blog attracts me to keep reading it..

thank you for Doaa & may Allah help you with your meaningful journey .


hatem said...

Assalam Alikum Dear sister good to see you back to your page again to share with us your thoughts and your experiences and i'm happy for u for that gift it looks yummy by the way and i think being away from home will make this traditional dish with extra flavor so enjoy it my dear sister and may Allah be with u always

Nasimlibya said...

Allah bless u

thank u 4 delicious coscos

bt the way Ayham sweet as his wonderful mother !!!! ;)

a_akak said...

May Allah reward you for your hard work and it is good to hear you are ok and doing well

BTW the couscous seems so good and it is people around us who make us feel good and not where we are but the people

Fe Aman Allah

Meme said...

Being away is such a hard situation for you and even for your family back home...glad to see you're doing fine...
as for couscos sa7teen.

may said...

دائما يعجبنى ما تروين وما يحدث فى هذا المكان

ان لم يكن بصور فا بلاحداث

لايهم )) أم عظيمة))

حفظها الله

وخيتك مى

abdullah SH said...

sa7a sa7a 3ala couscos ,,,
glad 2 hear u r ok & all ur family back home ...

another day `e new baby " ayham " after tht stubborn girl " LOL "
wish 2 see his photo soon ,,,,


salam ,,,

LoveLyH said...

ربي يحفظهالك

Enlightened Spirit said...

Walikum Assalam
thank you for ur comment.

Walihum Assalm
It is always pleasant to know that people enjoy reading ur blog, and as everything in life the law of giving and taking is applied in the blogshere too, u can't continue without people's comment.
thank u.
Allah bless u always.

Walikum Assalm
long time no see dear brother.
yeah it was extra yummy :p
thanx for ur do3a, keep praying for me.

Bless u too,,,and Bless Ayham and his family.
Thanx for ur visit, by the way I want to tell u that one time I wanted to comment about one of ur post about the slap, I really liked it, but u turn the comment section off :(

we missed ur wise comments , glad u back.
Yeah it doesn't matter where we are as long as we are surrounded by the right people, I can't agree more.

elhamdoAllah... u know what sometimes I am surprised from my responses to what is going on with me in either way, this life is really strange. salmek waeteek assa7a.

شكرا مي
وبالمقابل يسعدني دائما مرورك
دمتى بخير

abdullah sh...
The stubborn babygirl beomce more and more obstinate, loool.
But now she isn't a baby she is grwoing to become a lady :D . I attended her 1st birthday live on-line few days back.

ويحفظك يارب
ويمسح همومك .

Thanx for all of u :)