Saturday, May 16, 2009

An update from here and there

Many of my friends keep asking me about the routine of my life here, and they are not satisfied by my short answers. I might look talkative here in my blog but not in real life. I will try in this post to lighten up some corners of my daily life activities here.
As almost all of my time is spent in the test prep. center, it is becoming more and more like home. But sometimes I get fade up from being in the same place so I move around and try some other places for study, here is one of them :It is the Suzzallo Library in the univesity of Washington, not so far from my test prep. center.
I tried this place first when it was recommended to me by one of my friends, she was describing it as a very quite peaceful place, and as I do like the quite atmosphere, I thought why not, let's try it for a change. Ok, here I am sitting and pretending to study....... but Nop ....who can study in this place, it is so huge and beautiful, it looks and feels like the school of witchcraft in Harry Potter, no need to say that instead of studying, I spent the time taking pictures for the place and for my friend while she was studying, and she was looking askance at me and I almost heard her talking to herself: "silly stupid girl... I shouldn't have brought her with me to this place" lol, that was just the first day, then I started to go there alone from time to time just for a change, and I started to look at my books and not to the surroundings.

But most of the study I do is in the study center, which is much more humble and feel more like home, manythings happen in the study center, people studying for USMLE spend from 6 to 12 hours per day in this center, so u can imaginne what they need to do there, eat, drink, pray, everything. The study is so overwhelming it takes them from their daily life, I think in this period of stressful preparation for the exams people become very vulnerable, and they are at risk of unveiling a psycological and behavioural probleams, I ask Allah if anything will go wrong at least to keep my sanity solid during and after this experience.

To give you all a clue about how the time is so precious for those who study for this exam, (those supposed to include me) , I will show the picture of this girl,, and first of all I emphasize that I have a complete respect towards her. I put the picture just to give an idea how people still able to mange and organize their lives whatever was hard the circumstances they are going through, she insisted to take care of herself and enjoy whatever she is going to have after the study hours for that day, as one of my friends said : she is truly a lady.

Yes, what u see is right, those are hair curlers, and she put them while she was studying at the test preparation center, I mean she put this in a public place not a private one, and she didn't care about what other people might think of her. I find it silly now how we complain that we can't find time to take care of ourselves, sleeping, dressing well, giving the proper time for prayer, eating , cooking for ourselves, shaving, or whatever....... get up people, have a life!

( Note: Miss class my friend back home, asked me to not put this picture, may be she is right, but I really have a good intentions in doing this, and I tried to put the blurr effect so I only reveal what I wanted to reveal, words when supported with pictures are more strong, the point is not about the girl itself, but how people should learn to live their lives, if anyone think that I should not share it, please express ur opnion, and I will consider it)

Last month April was the Tulip's festival here in Seattle, and unfortunately I missed it, I myself tend to be disorganized sometimes ( just sometimes) , and I mess things up, I really feel sorry to miss it, may be next year if I stayed at this place, I will make sure not to miss it inshAllah.

Regading my indoor and out door activities which I pointed out in my last post, (for those who was curious enough to ask ) , these activities are not big things to be mentioned, just small things whcih u do seeking for a change, sometimes just a walk in the park is enough for me, a phone call to a friend, sometimes a movie, other times buying goods at a nice grocery store like this one

Or may be just going to the kitchen without any previous plans and come up with something, and enjoy sharing it later with my friend, this was what I have done yesterday, Coffee chocolate Walnut Cake, it might look messy, but it was delicious:)
Last but not least, being abroad make you feel some how insecure, eventhough you know you are in the safest city and the safest place, u still feel a kind of insecure, in order to fight this feeling inside me, ( yeah I have to mange every feeling I experience, and beat it off, I am trying as much as I can to not let the negative feelings pile up ), for this I looked for a new keychain, a special keychain, and with some careful searching I got what I wanted, can u guess what is this? ( the thing beside the fluffy pink teddy bear)

That is enough for today, back to study, don't forget to leave a comment :)


PH said...

lol thanks for sharing that picture it reminded me of the girls that used to study at the library ... they used to come in their night gowns and bring their pillows and blankets with them :))

Good luck with your exams and I'm sure it will all be good memories when you look back at it :)


dr tayeb said...

During my preparation for my Exam came to my mind to do worse than these things like living continuosly in the place where i was studying. nothing makes us feeling how value are the passing seconds not even minutes like are the stressful exams.
unfurtunatly here in italy the libyrary close before even the supermarkets :( or if you find open library you dont find a bus.

may said...

السلام عليكم

كما اعتدنا

بوست جميل وصور مميزة

لك طريقة خاصة لتجعلنى مقيمة دائمة فى مكانك هذا

وخيتك مى

Anonymous said...

Hi dr.
nice post as usual...regarding the thing beside the teddy bear,it may be a flash light or an alarm:);)

Enlightened Spirit said...

Your words reminded me of another thing that I forgot to mention. It is very usual around 4:00 pm at the lab. of the test prep center to start to hear snoring voices . Life is hard, lol.
Thanx for ur wishes, glad to see you here again.

dr tayeb...
A couple of times I heared Libyan students discusing with the manager of the center to keep it open for 24 hours, or at least till 12 midnight, but of course she refused, I liked her answer when she said to them : "we close because u know at some point in time , u need eventually to go home, u need rest."
I ma not of these kind of students, I devide my time between study at home and at the libraries.
Wish u the best in ur study in Italy, and glad to see ur comment here.

وعليكم السلام وخيتي
حللت أهلا ووطأت سهلا
اقامتك الدائمة تسعدني

Thank you for responding to my question.
Nice try but sorry wrong guess.
Try again :)

Meme said...

No wonder you could not stop taking pictures...the library is nothing but a piece of art.

well regarding that thing i can make a it pepper spray???

dusk till dawn said...

salam sis
so pleased to see ur doing great , and challenging life in a right way, yeap its a hard life , but iam sure u will get there in the end, i love ur cake it looks like it was done in time rush ha ha, good luck in ur exams , beautiful pics take care

Enlightened Spirit said...

Yeah , u guess it right smart girl, an elegant but pwerful pepper spray as it's owner, lol!

dusk till dawn...
Look who is there, are u still alive man... long long long time... u have been really missed, how is everything, update us. I keep checking ur blog, but nothing is new. If I had known that my messy cake will make u comment I would have posted it earlier... hope u are enjoying ur life, Salamy to ur wife :)

Benghazi Citizen said...

wow,,,The library is so huge and bright.. And some how ,scary..
I like studying in library ,and i enjoy observing people in it my self.. This mixture of people who are so hungry for knowledge ,at least some of them are ,lol...
Great to know u r having a good time observing as well as
Good luck dear friend
Be well

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Miss jane said...