Sunday, March 28, 2010

Like or u don't like !

Today ...

While my body was relaxing; after several hectic months of hard study,

my finger tips appeared to still have some energy.

It started to tap over the keyboard to come up with these words.

It seems that somebody has finally obeyed to Lebeeya's magnetic power !!!

The title was about the new blog template. Nice to read ur opnion dear reader.


PH said...

Love the new template ! especially the transparent background .

salaam !

Lebeeya said...

LIVING PARADOX!!!!!!! Welcome back. You made my day. Please thank your energetic fingers for me :-)

Thumbs up to the new temble. It feels fresh.

Keep posting! Tell us about your trip to Chicago :) :)

Brave Heart said...

welcome back
I like it, but how u do this nice thing

Bumedian said...

salam ,,,

it looks good and simple ,,, and it needs to be filled out with your finger prints ....



elekomm - إليكــم said...

السلام عليكم

عودة موفقة أخي

طراز المدونة الجديد هادئ وبسيط ، والصورة الخلفية زاد القالب جمالاً


Enlightened Spirit said...

My old fellow bloggers miss u all.
My new readers welcome, hope this will not be ur only visit.

Happy that u like my new template.

Brave Heart...
2985781287561 saga3 3leek :P

Are they still using this phrase in Libya ( Saga3 3leek) hope so !?

Enlightened Spirit said...

وعليكم السلام
رغم أنه في عالم الأقلام
أو بالأحرى عالم النقر على لوحة المفاتيح
قد لاتعني الأجناس شيئا
إلا أن غرور الأنثى بداخلي أبى أن يسكت هذه المرة
استسمحك عذرا للتصحيح...
صاحبة المدونةأخت
ياأخي العزيز
مرحبا بك دوما

Meme said...

ahhh so refreshing!!
i have not heard about you from quite some time now.. how are you?
i noticed libyea's comment so did you see oprah? :P

elekomm - إليكــم said...

عذراً أخيتي وبارك الله فيك على التصحيح

Enlightened Spirit said...

Yeah, the last few months I was out of order regarding social life including blog life.
I didn't met Oprah but I did see Obama ... lol
Will catch on ur blog soon inshAllah.
Don't u think of another visit to the land of freedom ;)

إليكم ...
وفيك بارك الله

Meme said...

currently I'm brooooooke but who knows maybe one day you'll find me Infront of you again!