Friday, April 9, 2010

A dream come true

First let me share this poster with you.
Its about The last trend in the first world culture
Shoes are weapons of mass destruction
I always had this dream where I am looking and looking and looking for my shoes and can't find it. In some rare episodes of the dream I do find the pair. Sometimes it is beautiful and fit. Other times it just does the job, and save me from the embarrassment of walking barefooted in public. I never thought that this dream will come true.
The story is while I am studying at the computer lab, I usually spend hours and hours, just sitting in front of the computer, listening and watching lectures. This become my routine over a year now. During these long hours I have to do different maneuvers to keep myself relaxed. One of these is taking the yoga sitting position (with folding legs over the chair). Not doing yoga, just adapting its sitting position. Simply I can't tolerate my legs being dangled  in a vertical position for a long time. Even in the airplanes, I used to do this maneuver. But not on the national American airplanes, with its narrow constricted chairs, where you can easily touch your neighbor in any tiny attempts of movement. I did try to do it but wouldn't advice anyone to try it. That is another tale, I might tell it one day.
Anyway back to the main story, I don't need to say that when I was taking that comfort position I have to take off my shoes, and I usually push them away under the desktop table. Yesterday at the lab, I wanted to stretch out my leg muscles by walking around. So I get off my chair and slipped my feet over my shoes, or let's say over the place I imagined my shoes should be occupying.
But I missed it!!!
OK, I thought I must have pushed them aside by my chair. So I looked around.
But it was not there!!!
Turned my head upside down searching under the tables.
But it was not there !!!
I kneeled on four to get a better view.
Yes, as you guessed.


It just vanished!!!

OK, now what?!!!

I was standing in the middle of the lab with bare feet (not really bare, my shiny white socks was on).
Now, if I walked around with my bare foot, there is a possibility that someone would notice and point at me and burst out laughing, and everyone else would follow.
NO, no, no, Enlightened. That might happen in another place and at another time, but not on this place and at this particular time on planet earth.
In this lab everyone is squeezing his face in his computer screen and his/her whole concentration is there. Sometimes I feel that those screens sucking out the spirit of life from those poor bodies.
Anyway Even if by chance someone noticed anything he would pretend that he didn't notice anything (our lab is a collection of weirdooos including myself), so I happily excluded this possibility.
Now how am I going to reach home. Again, moving around in the street wouldn't be a big matter I have seen people walking around in the street with bare feet, not with a flip flop. That is an old fashioned. The new trend is flip flop for winter and bare foot for summer.
As I posted in the above picture
Shoes are now considered as weapons of mass destruction.
But Hello!!! we are in the spring with all the rain, this will not work.
How am I going to walk on the rainy Seattle wet streets barefooted?
Even if people didn't care, I might end up with a bad cold or at minimum some uncomfortable abrasions.
Then I am still not ready to adapt this new trend. Yes, I am good at pretending to adapt many things, but this new trend is not classified yet under my "many things."
Maybe the best idea is trying to pull out one of those weirdooo from the computer screen and asking him/her to buy me a new shoes from the nearest shoe store.

This picture taken last summer at the bus station. Told u it's normal.
All these thoughts passed across my mind in a Milli of a second. Of course deep inside I was pretty sure that my shoes are hidden somewhere by the Italian lady who was sitting in the opposite table facing me, because she is the only one who had an access to my shoes.
As I recall she is the only one who needed to go under her desktop table to UN-plug her laptop several minutes before she left.
So It is simple I just need to turn around few steps to look for my lovely shoes, and that's exactly what I did. I turned around to found my lovely shoes over her table.

Lady Italian, nice joke. But next time be brave and let me have the whole experience. Take my shoes away with you .
You know what my lady, I really feel sorry for you now, as u needed to reach that close to my shoes. I can't tolerate having a stinky one, but u risked that possibility when you held my shoes that close.
I always feel sorry for those security officers at American airports who scan people's shoes. What a job!!!

Be ready Lady Italian u triggered the fire!
( By the way, for the history and the records the first picture was an advertisment for a comfort shoes. I exploited its meaning to fit my post.)

PS: Sorry for the long post, it seems that I am hungry for typing, hope u hungry enough for reading.


TT said...

hahahaha, nice joke, you are more lucky than me when i returned home on bare foot after tarawi7 pray in libya.
any way, i think the italian lady has done this just cause she was angry than you dont use italian shoes :D

[Lebeeya] said...

LOL, I totally understand the whole barefoot thing. It's so comfortable taking off your shoes and sitting like that.

Italians are known for assassinating people (i.e. Mafia), not stealing shoes. Unless its a new trend for them! You should get the girl back.... steal her purse ;)

Anonymous said...

you know she must be so boared of her situation ,i guessed ,if you are plugged on your pcs in this kinna boaring lab,you guys must try a sparkle of fun any how ,and the italian lady is what she did with you barefoot contessa

Meme said...

oh god lol ...this joke triggered a flashback memory of me walking all the way from that 511 bus stop to your lab (i only know that stop).. so I was wondering what your bare feet chances of survival might be if you did not find your shoes?!

Lydia said...

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Enlightened Spirit said...

TT ...
that would be hard , but in Libya ur home must have been so clos to the masjid or u would have ur car to go home if it was away... right?

specially when u need to stay for hours in that position , I do bring an extra chair sometimes to extend my legs over it.
Purse stealing is a good idea, will work on that.

yeah, u right we need some sparkles of fun to warm up a little . that lab is so cold. despite everything I enjoyed the joke.

By the way , u know the italian lady . u know her very well ;)
I also use 511 most of the time. Chances are near to sub zero.


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Anonymous said...

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Sanjay said...

wow. so random, but I feel we're much alike!