Friday, April 2, 2010

Ferrero Raffaello Massacre

Food have always been one of my sources for enjoyment and pleasure.
That have never been a problem,
till recently, when I discovered that food became one of my main stress relief strategy.
In the past using food as self-reward was not a problem.
First, because there wasn't much to reward myself for !
Second, I was burning everything right away.
So, basically there was no problem.
But things are not the same anymore.
Now, I am looking every day for something to reward myself for .
Let's say to be more precise every hour.
Ok, ok, I know.
This sounds stupid.
But this is one of my ways to beat the pain of expatriation and loneliness.
I tried to fight this bad habit, specially as I am not getting much time to burn out what I am eating. but it seems that my effort to fight this habit went in vain.
Whenever the wise voice begins to give advice and recommendations, about eating healthy, and stop eating chocolates and other unhealthy food. The other voice will exagerate everything and start to moan :
Come'on , expatriation, loneliness, hard study, and on top of this u want to add starvation. That is too much, that is unbearable.
The weeping continue till a piece of Lindt finds it's way to stop the cry.
Do I need to mention that the weeping voice always win ?
Anyway, as I put on top of my " TO DO LIST" : Extenction of eating as a stress relief strategy.
I decided that one way of fighting this stupid strategy is by exposing it to the public here. In the hope of getting some scolding words from my readers, that can shut off the crying voice, or at least tone it down.
To make the picture clearer here I put a snapshot for a usual quiet study day.
Note that piece of Rafaello never touched.
The wise voice is on control in this picture.

And here where things go out of control.

Take a closer look.

And that was just the beginning of the attack!


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


Even week another photo album

Very good and sugar raffaello,greetings from Italy,


Meme said...

oh rafaello my favourite!!

well i am not sure what i'm about to say is exactly what you're expecting to hear..but i wanna say that don't feel guilty ..girls need suger!! you need suger..and i guess there's no need to mention that u need to eat so you can focus but don't let it get you out of control ...i know... i've been there... it's not easy to resist these my advise for you is to take some time to burn all that extra calories...go out for a walk everyday..fresh air will do you good as well..
when i was in seattle i was walking from my place to alderwood mall just to get rid of guilt!

good luck

[Lebeeya] said...

Food is also my source of pleasure. It is so comforting, so satisfying. Never underestimate the power of a perfect Raffaello. You don't need drugs or therapy, really. You just need to eat something good and you feel all warm (and stuffed) inside :)

BUT like you said, things can get out of control (and your pictures haven proven that) so my advice to you is you gotta have a love-hate relationship with food ;) It works adequately with me.

Enlightened Spirit said...

Ivo... Thanx.
I am thinking of having that kind of blog when I own a good camera.

Meme ... yeah that is not what I want to hear. I see the crying voice dancing in victory after reading ur words
yeah, I wish I can get the time to walk that much to burn everything. But u know how the time flew here.

Lebeeya ...tell me more about this love-heat relationship with food. tell me about it one day in a post.

Unleashing Me said...

This post spoke to me. I have the same problem but with chips. For everything I think that to reward myself for good grades or for accomplishing a miniscule task at home I have to eat chips. It's a comfort issue. The only way you're going to stop is to not think of those foods anymore, try and find a replacement for those rafaellos( they are one the truffles or whatever they are) or just buy one. It's hard /: