Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Innocent days


I feel sick

Call the doctor quick quick

Doctor Doctor

Shall I die?

No my baby don't cry.

It seems that I am hanging back in the past these days.

Today, while I were listening to an interesting medical lecture by Dr. Cornard Fischer, he suddenly as he always do in his entertaining lectures, he suddenly started to sing a different version of the above nursery rhyme.


I am ill

Send for the doctor to give me the pill

Doctor Doctor

Shall I die

Yes my child, but so shall I.

The first version of this rhyme were the first words I ever memorized in English language.
I have not learn it in a nursery or in a school , but from my childhood friend Sekab back in Hungary.
Thanx Sekab (:
And then I haven't officially learn anything else in English till my teenage in Libya.
As I recall that now, it sounds interesting!

Does anyone have another version for this nursery rhymes?
or any other nursery rhyme that you like and still hanging there in the memory.
Arabic, English, doesn't matter!!

I miss those innocent days ... sigh!


hatem said...

hi sister i like your post long time since i came here i miss your your posts and i'm glad to be the first who comment on your new post i wish u all the best TC

[Lebeeya] said...

Mama mama I feel sick call the doctor quick quick quick doctor doctor will i die close your eyes and count to five i said a one, a two, a three, a four, a five I'm alive

That's the version I remember from pre-school!

Benghazi Citizen said...

Hi ,I like that very much..
Years ago,I was in English teaching institute in Benghazi ,for a test..On the wall ,was hanged the words of (Humpty Dumpty)rhym...
I read it once ,and it stuck..Actually ,on occasions,I (find my self singing it when my mind is distracted ,or trying to concentrate on some thing!!!!
I even wrote a blog about my own view on the economic crisis ,related to it..
Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All Kings men ,all king's horses
couldnt put humpty together again
see you my friend

abdullah SH said...

intersting post
here u can find wat u want ^_^

Anonymous said...

While I was reading your post, I remembered this Arabic( probably Libyan ) nursery rhyme:

ماما حلوة ست الدار
كيكة وشـاهي عالنار
بابا جا ومعاه زوار
أهـلاً وسـهلاً بالزوار

Thank you

Faria xxx

Meme said...

Nope ..nothing.. i remember nothing...actually i believe i did not go to nursery at all..GOD!! I've never been in a nursery before!!!!
gotta go to ask mum..salam

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Enlightened Spirit said...


Yes long time, my comment section misses ur comment too :)

so my guess was right ... a lot of versions out there.

Benghazi Citizen...
Yes my friend, I remembered ur post about the Humpty Dumpty. It's strange how sometimes silly things got stuck in our memory and other more important things which we really need to remember just flow away.

long time no see.
thanx for sharing the link.

Faria ...
Welcome dear friend, nice surprise...I'm glad to have u here :)

Same here...I have no memory for a nusery, I guess I was probably there when I was three for a very short period of time, have to ask mom.