Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hijab is an oppression !!!?

Why only women were honored in Islam by the glory of holding visibly the banner of their faith ?

 Muslim women live their lives holding high, the banner of their faith, opening themselves to all kinds of questions, curious and annoying ones, sending the message by each and every act they do while wearing Hijab, and sometimes even risking their lives.
What a responsibility?
What courage and strength woman should have to carry that responsibility?

On the other hand, Muslim men can live their whole lives and die, specially in the west, without anyone know if they were Muslims.

Why would you think Islam have given this glory only for women and not for men?

I can't see Hijab now a days as a source of protection, neither in the west nor in the east.

Something more about Hijab.

Something more we need to understand.

How funny that there are still people out there argue, Hijab is an oppression of a Muslim woman !!!
 What a joke ?!

Dear Sisters wear your Hijab and keep your heads up. Allah knows better than us. He knows that we have the power!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

What do you want, Enlightened?

The Tunnel looks dark at it's end!

I'm stuck for a while in one of those ugly moments of " What do you really want, Enlightened? "

Hope it will not stay for long!

Because strange bad answers are floating in the air, and Enlightened is not happy with those answers.

If Enlightened is not happy with the answers, How it comes that those are the answers!

"Happy" should be a logic consequence for "Want".

Am I messing things up ?!

I'm proceeding forward in the hope that I will see the light at some point, while I am approaching the end.
Am I going to see the light ?

Allah is the only one who knows!

ونِعم بالله
These two shots was taken in Central park / New York, Oct/2009

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 Years !

أسألها عبر البحار والمحيطات
قداش ولا عمرك؟

في أي مكان تجد فيه
جهاز كمبيوتر محمول
تجلس أمامه وتصرخ

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dislike button on my blog, but not on facebook!

From today's on you will find a new buttons below each of my posts. The first one is the Dislike button, and the second one is the Like button.
Now, concentrate with me and follow these instructions carefully:

- Don't ever ever ever, and at any circumstances click on the first one Dislike. If you do so, you will trigger an attack of crying and sadness, that might progress to a sever depression, and probably suicide. "Waaah , they don't like my writing, they don't like me. Everybody hates me. How can I live with that? ".

- Focus, Click on the second one always, and more than once if possible. By doing this you will accomplish your dream in this life.... Imagine!!! you will be adding colors of joy and happiness to someones life. And this someone is possibly a stranger to you. What a good deeds you are doing!

You might ask, so why didn't you make it one choice and one click from the first place, just the Like button ? Good question!
But then I will get just half the feeling of joy, which will come from the big number in front of the Like button, the other half of joy which I should get from the zero in front of the Dislike button, will be missing.

Now seriously, how many of you wished to have that Dislike button on facebook?
I think my blog is beating the popularity of facebook by having this Dislike button...
Someone is nodding his head out there and saying: No doubt!
But wait, that was followed by: When was the last time you have seen your doctor?