Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hijab is an oppression !!!?

Why only women were honored in Islam by the glory of holding visibly the banner of their faith ?

 Muslim women live their lives holding high, the banner of their faith, opening themselves to all kinds of questions, curious and annoying ones, sending the message by each and every act they do while wearing Hijab, and sometimes even risking their lives.
What a responsibility?
What courage and strength woman should have to carry that responsibility?

On the other hand, Muslim men can live their whole lives and die, specially in the west, without anyone know if they were Muslims.

Why would you think Islam have given this glory only for women and not for men?

I can't see Hijab now a days as a source of protection, neither in the west nor in the east.

Something more about Hijab.

Something more we need to understand.

How funny that there are still people out there argue, Hijab is an oppression of a Muslim woman !!!
 What a joke ?!

Dear Sisters wear your Hijab and keep your heads up. Allah knows better than us. He knows that we have the power!



Bumedian said...

Salam ,,,
Now days the way human dress is a code for what they belongs to in their beliefs and what they carry inside their heads.
Did you know going like the westerns do half naked walking in the streets is the act of (ibles?) read quran and see why humans needed to wear clothes in the first place and the first one was Adam (pbuh) when they committed sin by doing what iblis noised them to do so when they did that sin they realized their (3awra) and they needed to cover it by tree leaves and that was the first thing human used as clothes to cover him self. So when humans get off their clothes be sure that is the effect of iblis and sins on them

The clothes we wear are our religions code and that how it should be like the ( minara and the dome of the mosque ) that say this is a sign of a Muslim mosque so do the hijab and that’s a great honor for our women who practice it correctly and makes every one asks why is she wearing like this?
You think the western people cares about what they wear or not? As they actually doesn’t care about the hijab as a dress code but they care about the massage it carries on without any further action from the people the dress it self Is spreading the massage… also man has a code to but they ignoring it… and that gives you a great honor … Muslim women ,,,
Thank you for reminding us for the great

thank you

elekomm - إليكــم said...

السلام عليكم

يسعي الغرب وأخرين من دونهم على تشويه الدين الاسلامي وإلصاق التهم بالمسلمين حتي يبتعد العالم من اعتناق هذا الدين ، وقد انتهجوا لذلك عدة طرق ، واحدى هذه الطرق هي تشوية ما يتصف به المسلمين من لاباس وملامح فقد الصقوا تهمة الارهاب بكل مسلم ملتحي حتي نبذواذلك الشكل ومن قبلهم كثير من بيننا على جهل منهم ، وكذلك قاموا بتوجيه اعلامهم بوضع المرأه المحجبة كأنها حبيسة ذلك الحجاب ووصفوها بالجهل والتخلف و الكثير من عامة الناس ينساق وراء ذلك والمشكلة مرة أخرى الكثير من بيننا انساقوا أيضا وراء ذلك ، حتى ان أحد (المسلمين ) وصف الحجاب بأنه قطعة قماش لا يضر وضعها أو نزعها من على الرأس شئ!!!!.

من جهه أخرى فأن للمسلمين دور كبير في جعل كثير من الدول الغربية تقدم على محاربة الحجاب لانهم تصوروا الحجاب كرمز فقط للدين الاسلامي لان الكثير من المسلمين اقتصروا كلمة الحجاب على ما يوضع على الرأس فقط ، فقد ترى الغطاء على الرأس (طبعا بعد دخول الموضات عليه) وباقي الجسد حدث ولا حرج (الا من رحم ربي)ناهيك على من يرتديه فترة وينزعه فترة وكانها قلادة تدل على الهوية

مع كل هذه القوانين التي تضعها الدول مثل فرنسا(طبعا لا ننسى دول أخرى سبقت فرنسا في فرض قيود على أرتداء الحجاب (غطاء الراس )مثل تركيا وتونس)فإننا ومع ذلك نرسل بناتنا وأخواتنا للدراسة في فرنسا و كأننا ندعم قرار فرنسا ولو بشكل غير مباشر وأن يراه البعض موافقة صريحة على ما تفعه فرنسا ولكن يعلم الله النوايا وما تخفي الصدور


السلام عليكم

grjag said...

What a thought provoking post! Thank you!

Meme said...

cann't agree more!
i rememberd one hot day at northgate mall couple of american women approched me.. one of them said can i ask you a question ,,i said of course,, she said what is this ?don't you feel hot? i said of course but i am pretty sure it's much cooler than hell,,,her other friend start laughing out loud and said good one ,,she said i respect that and both left..
years back in italy ..the young italian were making fun of our hejab and sometimes they were even throwing things on us specailly after 9\11..
u know i honestly thought the american will do the same but they were actually very nice ppl they are better than the european.

yala salamat
have a nice day

[Lebeeya] said...

Good post. I always say that in the future if I had the choice to send 1 of my children to study abroad, I would send the girl. Why? Because a girl walks around with a hijab on, like you said visibly holding the banner of our faith. But a guy? They would think he is mexican :-P

Benghazi Citizen said...

Sorry I'm late:)
You have touched a very good subject..
I personally consider personal freedom a vital part of our existance ,including the freedom to express our bond with our creator in the way we believe in..
I am against forcing any body to embrace a specific way in life..But ,who says that women in islam are oppressed? and hijab is an oppression?
It seems that now ,in an age when it is politically incorrect to speak badly about the blacks ,japanese ,chinese ,hispanics ,jews ,people with different sexual orientations ,etc ,it is more acceptable to attack and criticize and label (Islam) as an oppressive religion ,and (muslims)as people with no goal but to bomb the world and,in their spare time, oppress women!!
I am proud of my sisters and what they achieved ,as much as i am proud of my brothers.
I never felt that (islam) decrease the chances of my own sisters for education and work..Yes ,the society some times treating women differently..But Islam never did..
Islam teaches us that being a man give you no right but the to respect the others ,and same for the woman.
It teaches us the different roles and responsibilities ,but it claims no superiority of one gender of the other..
These were made by the society ,not Islam.
As for the world ,and how it sees Islam now..As i said ,it is just that now every racist in the world has too much racism in his system ,and since now Muslims are a good target ,yeah ,let's do it..
Unfortunately ,some mislead muslims helped with that..
Good one enlightened spirit
and sorry for the extremely long comment(almost a blog in itself):)

MusicLover said...

Young. British. Female. Muslim.
Thousands of young British women living in the UK decide to convert to Islam - here are some of their stories

Kareem Salama - Generous Peace (Official Music Video)

liked Meme comment, quick response and witty, seems lives in the same city which is Seattle.

On the other hand, Muslim men can live their whole lives and die, specially in the west, without anyone know if they were Muslims.

Being a Muslim is not what you wear. It is your contribution to your society where you live in, either through a Mosque or Muslim Organization or individual such as volunteering in any form in your community or other country. Wearing Hijab yes is an indication that your faith is Islam, which is a choice of a Muslim woman to wear or not.

Your post is about Western Media how they look upon Muslim Women wearing Hijab, sure it is a sign of ignorance, fear but also it is a huge opportunity for making money by distorting facts with a twist. You should always do what you believe in either when it comes to religion,relationbship and etc......

Respect of others cultures, religion and freedom of an individual right is very important. I hope you are not asking me as a Muslim man that I have to wear certain way to show to the world that I am Muslim because I would find it very rediciulous. I think it would be more interesting walking North Gate Mall in Seattle wearing the Libyan National Clothes than Afghani clothes which in USA most Americans associate men wearing as Muslims from the Muslim World, you see we have Muslim men who are visible of their faith in USA.

As usual nice post, keep blogging, would be nice you blog more about the city you live since you are almost 2 years there :-)

One who has been changed said...

Clothes should be modest for all, but God looks on the heart and wants us to filled with His love as shown in the death of His son Jesus the Christ who died to pay the price for our sins so we would not have to. God wants to change us from the inside out so we will have His heart of love and care for others. Check out the book of John in the Bible if you can find one where you are, it is one of the few books that must be banned out of fear of the power of the word of God, even in USA the Bible is banned from the government schools while all the religion books and writing of Islam to the Hindu and all between are welcome. Only the Bible feared....wonder why.

Enlightened Spirit said...

I agree on the first two paragraphs, but in the third one,but I have a comment on
"Man's code" as u named it. This code was not emphazized in the holy Quran as Hijab was ephasized. I think it wasn't ever even mentioned in Quran... So it doesn't carry the same importance as Hijab.
My question was left without answering. Why woman should carry the message whenever she walks out but not the man?
I don't expect an answer, but I think the question is worth raising, isn't it?
Or may be it shouldn't be raised after all,
يا أيها الذين آمنوا لا تسألوا عن أشياء إن تبدوا لكم تسؤكم )
صدق الله العضيم

نعم أخي ( يريدون أن يطفئوا نور الله بأفواههم ويأبى الله إلا أن يتم نوره ولو كره الكافرون )صدق الله العلي العظيم
ولكن كما قلت ليفعلوا مايشاءوا
لكن لنا الدور الأكبر
ماأشاهده أخي وارقبه
رغم اني غير متيقنة مما أرى حتى الآن
أو لنقل أني ادعي عدم التيقن لرهبة الحدث
أرى بوادر صحوة من غير بلاد العرب!
نسأل الله أن نكون جميعا من أهل الصحوة.

Thanks for letting me know that u have passsed by.

Nice one Meme, that Meme whom I know, I can't believe that we missed going out when u were here.
Most of the American are very nice I have to admit that.

I am writing these words and thinking of u and a smile come on my face; and u have to know that my smile is something very rare and very precious it only comes with sunrise!
I do wish that u enjoyed ur trip, but what I wish more is that u remembered me in ur prayers.

Benghazi citizen ...
Well said ... I can't agree more.
The longer the comment the longer last my joy. That is why sometimes I feel that my post is incomplete if I don't see ur comment on it.
Do u feel obliged to write a comment after each of my posts now... Don't feel so, I was just inflating ur Ego! :)

MusicLover ...
I know this name MusicLover, Oh! this name is the one who introduced Zade music ( the muiscian from Jordan) to me. u have a smart way of making people remember u ...
Whenever I listen to Zade the name MusicLover must pass through my mind. And over the last few days I am listening to Kareem.

Of course being a Muslim is not about what to wear. That is very far from what I am talking about.
Yet, Volunteering, and doing all sort of good deeds in the west can't categorize you as Muslim in people's mind.
Wearing Hijab in most circumstances do categorize woman as Muslim. I don't mean that I'm wearing Hijab for people to know I'm a Muslim, this is not the point. But that what I realized when I lived in the west with my Hijab. And that what made me wonder, Why me and not him!
Traditional clothes has no relation to my post. I am talking about Islam not about tradition. Muslim women from any nationality wear Hijab, most of the time, by their own choices.
Hijab is unusual thing to wear in the world of clothing. Muslim men are not asked to wear anything unusal.
Of course I'm not asking anyone to wear anything. Faith never was about clothing.
The idea just passed my mind and felt like sharing it.

"would be nice you blog more about the city you live since you are almost 2 years there"
When I live in a place for long time, things become usual, and didn't trigger my desire to write...I might write more about it when I leave ... May be this is not a good habit for writing, but that's just me!

One who has been changed ...
Let's have a deal,I promise to look for your book if you promise me to look for the Quran. Let me know if u agree.

Benghazi Citizen said...

I dont mind my Ego to be
And no obligation
It is a pure joy for me E.S.
See you my friend
take care