Thursday, October 6, 2011

ومضى الربيع ...

Taken in Fairborn/Ohio ... Oct 4,2011

وكان الربيع جميلاً

ولم أكن هناك

وأتى الخريف واعداً بالألوان

ليصنعها في يومه ولايعد لغدٍ شيئا

ويترك عشاق الشكوى والتأوه يغنون

ٍغداة غدٍ يالهف نفسي على غد 
إذا أدلجوا عني وخـُلِـّفت ثاويا


Meme said...

Hey there,,,long time no see are you and how is your family? inshalla tamam.
I heard u moved but did not know where so you're currently in Ohio?

Hillie said...

Can you please translate it to me in English?

Enlightened Spirit said...


Nice to hear from you I am fine, my family too.
Yes, now I am in Dayton Ohio.
Hope you enjoy your holiday with the family.
Regards to all.


Glad to see you here :)


The spring was beautiful.
And I was not there.

The fall has come, promising us with colors.
To paint our days, but gave no promise for future.
Leaving those who loves to complain and groan singing.

Tomorrow Oh tomorrow when they put me in the grave and leave.

Hillie said...

Thank you for translating...