Saturday, January 21, 2012

TEDxTripoli is here! WeOOo !

     For years I have been on and off following TED events and enjoying their recorded inspirational talks. Never passed my mind that I will live a day that I see an independently organized TED event held in my hometown city of Tripoli! 

       Yes, TED is here in Tripoli but unfortunately I am not "here" to attend their first conference. The positive side of the story is that merely knowing there is a TED event held in Tripoli gave me a tremendous feeling of confidence and reassurance. I know for sure now that there is great people behind the curtains working on making Libya move toward the right path.  

       If you are in Libya, DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT which will be held Feb13th 2012. To apply fill in here .

For more information about the event, you can follow updates at:

PS.: Navigate over the red colored words, they are clickable.

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