Monday, February 6, 2012


Fairborn, Ohio Winter 2011/12

People come and go in life
We never know when they enter and at what time will they leave
We just know that in some how we had needed them in that particular time
They were just sent by Allah as he knows we needed them
When they leave we shouldn't stay connected to the person
That person was there to serve one purpose 
You didn't call him in there, you didn't ask him to leave
He was sent by the almighty because he knows 
When a dear one leave, don't break down 
Don't cry, don't be stupid and make your life miserable
Be grateful as he was there
Be thankful that you were blessed to have him
Let your adoration to him goes as worship to the one who really cares about you, Allah
He is the one who sent that person for you and he is the one who will always send others when you need them
The only thing you need to do is to keep attached to Allah and you will always find him showing up in the faces around, you will feel his mercy and compassion, you will feel his kindness all around
Not only in people but on anything and everything around
The sunshine, the sunset, raindrops, snowflakes, a green grass, a smiling flower, a refreshing breeze, the silence of a night, a shining star, a flame of a candle, a beautiful scent …
Every where, and any where, just raise your head, open your eyes, dry your tears and look up for him….
 Feel and embrace the faith in every breath and each heartbeat

Awake 2:30 to 5:00 am