Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First attempts to fly!

  When she was little and light, one of her favorite game was when her father grasp her with his hands and throw her toward the sky .. she always burst out laughing with each throw .. not thinking for a second that those hands will fail her and she might end up falling down in the ground ... she laughed loudly with innocence, with great passion ... She was overwhelmed with joy, free of pain in those free seconds when she was up high in the air, then back to the the firm father's grasp .. She learnt how to break the gravity rules, and how to enjoy those breaks ..  

 Days passed ... accumulated to become years, the little girl grow up some more,. It became harder for father to throw her up in the air, instead they played another game. Father laid down on his back on the ground, and she come lean with her body towards his .. he holds her hands and spread them out and raise her body up in the air with sole of his feet .. hang out there for few moments then throw her forward in the air with a light push, to fly again for few seconds and crash down into the soft mattress with burst of laughing ... She was overwhelmed with joy, with little pain in those free seconds when she was up high in the air, then with the crash on the soft mattress. She learnt that she can't break the rule of gravity for so long, and she can't always be free of pain, but the little seconds of joy worth it. 

 The little girl grow up more, she was riding her bicycle with four wheels. Two main big, and two small one connected to the back big one for balance. Her father came one day and said, we will remove those little wheels in the back, she was terrified, no father I can't do that, I can't keep my balance .. He replied, don't worry I will hold the bicycle from the back to keep your balance. They removed the little wheels. He hold the bicycle, and she was riding slowly while he was running in the back holding and keeping the balance, she drove and drove, hearing his voice in her back encouraging her, don't worry baby I am here ... she continued, after a period of silence, she shouted, father it is easy . He replied yes easy and you can do it ... but his voice was far away, not right in her back .. She burst out laughing with nervousness  realizing she was alone with no support, she felt she was flying for few seconds,  then she crashed to the ground ,  she laughed loudly .. with innocence, with great passion ... She was overwhelmed with joy. Despite the pain, she tried again. She held her balance better with each try. She learnt, she doesn't need to break the rule of gravity to have the joy, she just need to make the balance and put those rules under control. 

  Since then, she was flying wherever she want, taking control of gravity rules adapting them to allow her reach what she want to reach, accepting each fail, looking through things and people reaching out for Allah's support when needed, rising up from  pain, and keep moving forward, hoping for one day when she will fly and reach out to the greatest resource.