Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Free Rose Event: Who is Muhammed?

  Today in the university an idea from a creative Muslim girl was put into action and it came out so nice. 
Very simple idea, roses were bought , cleaned out from thorns and other extra stuff. A collection of chosen hadiths of our prophet was printed out covered with a clear thin plastic film punched at the corner and tagged with a fine thread to the rose. 
At one side of the tag the question: Who is Muhammed, and on the other side a chosen hadith was adhered back to back.

 A permission to set the table in the main corridor of the university was requested from the University. It was easy to get the permission with the help of a guy from the Muslim association. Money collected before hand in the previous days. Buying the 300 roses cleaning them and tagging them to the post with hadith of the prophet took one day to prepare.

 At 11:00 am the table opened at the main corridor of the university, at the entrance, with some funny ballons in the background to attract attention ... the girls wore T-shirt saying " Get a Free rose "  and started giving away the roses for whoever passes by. Impact on Students  and their responses were very nice over all, of course there were some small percent of people who refused to take the rose. We can't judge them, but hope the cause of the refuse wasn't because the girls who spread the roses were wearing hijab. We usually take paper post and cards from whoever spreading them directly by handing them to you in the streets here, we read them and then throw away if it wasn't of our interest. Easy and simple. But, to refuse a rose, that was awkward, at least to me. Anyway, spreading and handing out the 300 roses took about an hour.

The beautiful thing that those fresh beautiful roses were visible everywhere in the university today. I myself saw two in the library. One was left over a table, and other one was held by a student in the library.
One fact about the preparing for the idea struck me, when the tags were printed out numbers were not counted, because more than one hadiths was printed out in one paper, then was cut and covered with the plastic. But, when they were tagged to the roses the number of the tags turned out to be exactly the same as the number of the roses. Praise Allah, and peace and prayers be upon his prophet.

The idea was great , I am posting it because I wish that it will be applied and spread wherever possible.