Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My most precious moments

  I don't usually use the vending machin to get something to fuel my storage of energy, but when I sometimes stay for hours in the library, and have no mood to head to the food court I do use it.
Just now I wanted to have some snack. Went to the closest vending machine, Swiped my card and chose a new version of potato chips from a brand that I used before and I know it has the mark ( U ) for Kocher. That mean it is halal and safe to eat regarding animal product. Just make sure it has no alcohol. ( U ) ( K) ( D ) are all signs for kosher friendly food that is made specifically for jewish people, and it is very easy in US to get any food product with this sign, then you don't need to look for all the ingredients, you just look for absence of alcohol, obviously jewish has no problem with Alcohol, so kosher is not free from alcohol, but it is safe regarding everything else.

  Any way, after I bought the chip snack , I looked it over, and ... Oops .. ! there is no Kocher sign. It seems that this new version of this potato chip brand wish is flavored with real cheese is not Kocher friendly. I thought, "you should throw it Enlightened" .... but another voice in my mind said, "it is just a cheese and potato, come'on eat it , no problem" ... the second voice win , I read the ingredients, there is enzymes, of course as there is cheese, so obviously these enzymes might not be of halal animal source ... yet my stomach was crying, so I opened the small bag. Fingers dogged in the bag, grap a piece, then into the mouth and the mouth bit small piece. The whole body rejected it,  I don't know why, but I felt it is no good. I should have listened to the first voice. With one tear dropping down, I throw away the bag in the garbage ... $1.00 lost ...  Went back to the vending machine, decided to buy one bag of the old plain version of the chip brand, just potato chips no flavor, swiped my card again for another $1.00 ... And .... two bags dropped down ... I paused ... I felt him so close and so near ... I felt his love, mercy, and bless showering all over my soul ... 2 bags with the price of one ... As if it was a compensation for the $1 I just throw in the garbage... yes, it is just one dollar, and it is just a potato chips bag , ..... but these special moments I adore the most in my life ... Thank you Allah ... elhamdoAllah

Here I am in the library enjoying the rainy weather and my halal snack ... well I will eat only one bag :) 


Hillie said...

Send me the other one!

أنس أبومّيس said...

I believe little things like this can play more into defining who we really are than any major event in our life ..

well written :) felt very truthful

أحمـــد said...

السلام عليكم ...

اول شيء عندي ملاحظة عاللون الاسود للخلفية والخط الابيض الصغير وجعلي عيوني لما رديت ع صفحة تانية بيضاؤ بديت نشوف في خطوط بيض ... ^^

وثانيا شكرا اعجبني الموضوع وفيه معلومات مكنتش نعرفها وهي الاحرف الموجودة عالاغذية وثاني شي اسلوب كالعادة ^^ وصحتين التشيبس شعور حلو فعلا مرات ربي في ابسط الامور يعطي الاشارة لكن يكون تأثيرها كبير جدا الحمدلله

Enlightened Spirit said...


On its way


Yes, true, can't agree more ... Thank you or leaving comments to express what you felt when read it.


وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
جربت نكبر الخط وجدته غير مريح أيضا للنظر ، ربما اقوم بتغيير كامل الاطار قريبا..
وجزاك الله خيرا .. نظام الحروف هذا يستخدموا فيه في امريكا جدا على كل شئ حتى البسكوت والشوكولا وهو يريح في عملية الشراء ... شكرا على الاطراء
واللهم يجعلنا دائما راضيين بما يقسم ولايقبضنا إلا وهو راض عنا