Thursday, February 12, 2015

Little Wonder!

Some great moments of little wonder can give you enormous energy to continue your walk in this tough path of life

Tiny little moments that can fuel you for years or even decades to come

This was one of my little life wonders, the moment of spotting this Hummingbird in the wildness of Palm Spring California

Recalling the scene of the small colorful bird

Flapping it's wings

With racing heartbeats

Sinking it's face

Dipping it's long beak

To reach deep into the funnel shaped flower

Drinking from it's nectar

To quench it's thirst

And leave you watching wide eyed with AWE the life blossom right in front of you!

Those little wonder moments can not be bought nor can it be sold
It only with the bless of Allah can be owned and enjoyed forever

Captured by Hisham Bumedian Mar 1st 2013 

The best quote about wonder I would like to share here with you as it speaks my mind. It was told by Andrew Stanton, the writer behind the three "Toy Story" movies and the writer/director of "WALL-E," and Finding NEMO, in one of his TED talk:

"I walked out of there wide-eyed with wonder.

And that's what I think the magic ingredient is,

the secret sauce,

is can you invoke wonder.

Wonder is honest,

it's completely innocent.

It can't be artificially evoked.

For me, there's no greater ability than the gift of another human being giving you that feeling....

to hold them still just for a brief moment in their day

and have them surrender to wonder.

When it's tapped,

the affirmation of being alive,

it reaches you almost to a cellular level."